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2. Equipment
2.1. In due time take care of spare details
2.2. Tools – base equipment
2.3. Special tools and accessories
2.4. Experience business – a professional advice for fans
2.5. Councils for visiting a workshop
2.6. Safety first of all – the first precept of the one who helps itself
2.7. The practical tool for lifting – a jack
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5. Greasing system
6. Cooling system
7. System of injection of fuel
8. Ignition system
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16. A body
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2.4. Experience business – a professional advice for fans

Screws which are difficult for unscrewing or they have lost the heads, can thoroughly spoil to some fans pleasure from the first successes. To become unreceptive to this and other problems, the pair of councils and dodges from the professional is more low resulted.

Clearing of the rusted screw connections

Before releasing «from a captivity» the rusted nuts and screws, it is necessary to clean in the beginning accessible sites of a carving from a dirt and a rust. Otherwise the friction on carving flanges will be so great that carving bolts can be cut off.


    Clean a carving a wire brush, and then wash out means for rust removal. In the presence of fast means for rust removal at once turn nuts. Other solvents (oil, kerosene, solar oil etc.) can operate only some time.

Removal of defective nuts


    If шестигранная the nut by means of influence вильчатого a key has turned in roundish, or the rust has already worked with adjoining sides the last resort here is a violence. If a nut small sometimes help reliable захватные pincers. It is often possible still with effort to grasp the corroded nut and thus to release connection. If also this variant does not help, it is necessary to use a sharp chisel. In workshops obstinate nuts more often «приканчивают» with the help взламывателей nuts. Well accessible nuts can be sawn, besides, along a carving with the help ножовки on metal.


The screw выпадаетиз the tool

If it is necessary to establish the screw or a nut preliminary fix a head in the tool with the help кузовной putties, viscous greasing or a gluing tape in a hard-to-reach spot. This elementary trick sometimes makes miracles.

The reference with self-stopped nuts

Self-stopped nuts densely nestle on a carving and consequently during vibrations cannot be weakened. For this purpose they possess plastic loose leaves or slightly limited carving landing. Such self-stopped nuts are used only once for their stopping influence at repeated application weakens more often.

Вывинчивание screws with internal шестигранником and internal teeth


    Before using the tool, release a screw aperture from any dirt. For вывинчивания such screws is better to use plug-in tools with long шестигранником or многозубый the tool. Contrary to the used bent wrenches (at which the effort always is directed at an angle) plug-in tools can sustain from the adapted party and hammer blow. Blow – as a last resort, even it is direct on a screw head – provides in most cases easing of the screw and facilitates further its separation.

Вывинчивание screws with шлицем and крестовым шлицем


    Through rather short time interval such screws can already sit so strongly, what even the usual screw-driver is simply overloaded. At work with крестовым шлицем one more difficulty is added: the screw-driver even at strong pressure upon the handle leaves from this крестового шлица. And as consequence: already after several attempts of a head of screws spoil, and instead there is «a head problem» with such screws. Try to release such strongly sitting screw one biting blow of a hammer on a screw head. If to a screw head directly it is impossible to be risen to a hammer establish on it a suitable screw-driver with the rigid handle and try to weaken connection by blows on the handle. Often there is a following. The screw at which the head is covered by a rust only, breaks, and then it can be pulled out in the usual way. If at you it turns out nothing, try to do all it by means of shock винтоверта and a suitable insert. Change position винтоверта after each blow in a rotation direction – no screw practically can resist to such procedure.

Drilling of self-cutting screws on metal


    If already it is impossible to insert any tool into "the broken" screw head more, it is necessary to drill this screw only. In the beginning follows рассверлить a suitable big drill a screw head. If a head large necessarily drill in it apertures a small drill. In the absence of a head it is possible to remove the screw from an aperture either by means of a punch or from an underside to turn out means захватных ticks. In especially persistent cases it is necessary to drill an aperture through. For this purpose choose a drill as it is possible smaller diameter, differently the aperture for the screw becomes more.

The reference with распорными bolts


    Raspornye bolts (carving cores) have no adjoining surfaces for use of wrenches more often. If you do not have tool for расточки such bolts it is necessary to make temporarily it from распорного a bolt. For their removal strongly weld on the acting end of the screw one nut or screw two nuts in opposite directions (законтривать). For clearing of the screwed nuts always establish a wrench on the bottom nut. For a tightening use basically the top nut.

Drilling of the broken screws

 Attention: whenever possible protect an external carving.


    In the beginning precisely strike a core in the middle комеля the screw and... ... рассверлите further комель the screw: till the size of screw M8 it is carried out by means of a so-called drill for apertures under a carving. The aperture under a carving should have diameter of the "smoothfaced" screw, that is the screw without lateral faces of a profile of a carving. For screws with a size to М6 Faust's fairly following rule: diameter of a carving is multiplied on 0,8. For example, screw connection М6 х 0,8 = diameter of an aperture under a carving 4,8. Screws with a size> 0,8 follows рассверливать thin drills. Carvings remaining in courses metal particles can be removed sometimes an engraving needle or a rod magnet if it is not possible exactly smooth out a carving.

Narezanie carvings

As easy metals possess smaller durability, than a steel carving removal here occurs easily enough. If round an old carving there is more enough a material it is possible to cut a large carving. Otherwise in a special workshop it is possible to use the carving plug (for example, Heli-Coil). Перенарезание or нарезание a new carving occurs in three stages: therefore corresponding taps are called «a rough tap» (one ring in a shaft), an average tap (two rings on a shaft) and a definitive tap (without or three rings on a shaft).

    Turn taps there-here in the conditions of constant greasing one after another in preliminary drilled aperture. Thus not to break taps, always make small turns forward (a maximum 1/8 from perimetre). Then rotate a tap back so that the shaving broke also a tap has not been more clamped.


The size of the screw and the inhaling moment

On usual screws and nuts the standard moments of an inhaling extend. Expert fans at simple screw connections create the necessary moment of an inhaling by means of «a hand wrist». However, if you do not trust it to "a manual variant», get динамометрический a key and necessary confidence it will be provided. For common screw connections following moments of an inhaling are used:
Diameter carvings (mm)
The inhaling moment (Н·м) *

* The values resulted here do not concern special screws and to screws which are screwed in in easy metals.

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