Ford Mondeo since 2000
1. Introduction
2. Equipment
3. Care of the car
4. Engines
5. Greasing system
6. Cooling system
7. System of injection of fuel
8. Ignition system
9. Fuel system
10. Transmission
10.1. Coupling
10.2. Coupling check
10.3. Whether coupling is completely separated?
10.4. A five-step mechanical transmission
10.5. Gear change adjustment
10.6. Level check трансмиссионного oils (a mechanical transmission)
10.7. Good alternative to a mechanical transmission – automatic box Mondeo in a combination with 2,0-litre engine Duratec-HE
10.8. Level check трансмиссионного oils (an automatic transmission)
10.9. The main transfer
10.10. Check of cuffs of power shafts
10.11. Dismantle and power shaft installation / the cross-section lever of a suspension bracket
10.12. Replacement of cuffs карданного the hinge
11. A running gear
12. Brake system
13. The electrotechnical equipment
14. Electroschemes
15. Car salon
16. A body
17. Technical characteristics
18. The help at malfunctions

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10. Transmission

Mondeo chooses transfers by means of a cable.

From this chapter you learn, how Mondeo "sends" the capacity of the engine on forward wheels. The system of transfer of fuel, in particular, consists of a flywheel with coupling, a transmission and the main transfer. That these all components properly co-operated, they incorporate precisely co-ordinated system from frictional linings, shaft, bearings, cogwheels and hinges. How many forces will actually reach wheels, first of all depends on capacity of the engine of "your" accelerator. However and the accelerator promotes it a little, if frequency of rotation of the engine is not co-ordinated with current speed – each internal combustion engine "is obedient" only in the limited range of frequencies of rotation. That theoretically you could understand is better the Mondeo, in the head Engines we have presented various curve capacities. Wish to move, saving fuel, means, it is necessary to be accelerated promptly and quickly to be switched to the following high transfer: Try to co-ordinate constantly speed of movement with transfer at which frequency of rotation of the engine close comes nearer to the maximum twisting moment.

That the twisting moment and speed whenever possible became adherents, they are assisted in Mondeo by completely synchronised five-speed transmission (МТХ-75). In a combination with 2,0-litre V6-engine Duratec-HE alternatively Ford offers an electronic adjustable four-stage automatic transmission with the accelerator and coupling for blocking гидространсформатора (CD4E).

"Conductor's baton": the transmission lever in details

1 — the Handle of switching,
2 — the Spring of compression,
3 — the Safety lock,
4 — a blockader of a backing,

5 — the Lever of a gear change with the top case of system of draughts and levers of the mechanism of a gear change,
6 — the Lever of a gear change,
7 — Fixing screws,
8 — the Bottom case of system of draughts and levers of the mechanism of a gear change.

Transfers for forces of draught

That from a rest condition without problems to be dispersed, приводным for wheels it is necessary as it is possible больший a twisting moment. If you have already seen curve capacities below 1500 rpm at least at carburettor engines with a twisting moment it is not so good yet: with the help transfers on a slow speed the first transfer facilitates to the engine prompt jump to high turns and reduction Mondeo in movement. At installation of the fourth – and even a heel – transfers all turns out, unfortunately, on the contrary: by both transfers transfer to speed comes into force. In comparison with frequency of rotation of driving wheels the engine rotates on these transfers slowly highly. In other words: the transmission changes frequency of rotation of the engine more close to desirable frequency of rotation of driving wheels.

"Branch" of the engine from a transmission — coupling

At each process трогания from a place or switching of transfer quickly power stream between the engine and a transmission interrupts. In cars with a mechanical transmission coupling is for this purpose intended. It provides "soft" трогание about places and a smooth gear change thanks to that it levels various frequencies of rotation between cranked shaft and a transmission power shaft. Joint game planetary gear wheels and automatic transmission slightly more prodigally functions. Each process of switching here occurs without interruption of forces of draught.

Transfers an engine twisting moment – гидравлически in a transmission – the twisting moment converter

Instead of usual frictional муфты the hydraulic converter of a twisting moment co-ordinates process трогания from a place and course change. In Mondeo it is provided with the coordination of five electromagnetic valves which on the basis of the general картера the steering mechanism and form "management" of an automatic transmission:

    Pressure switching (by means of the mechanism of regulation of pressure in the pipeline), Management of switching (by means of a distributive latch with position regulation), The modulated actuating of the converter of a twisting moment – перемыкания couplings, Management of process of switching 3 – 2 and... ... A mode of compulsory idling with function of motor braking.

In this sector the twisting moment converter operates not only is very comfortable, but also without mechanical deterioration – at least, at normal loadings.

The converter of a twisting moment with coupling for blocking гидространсформатора

1 — the Case of the converter and a wheel of the pump,
2 — the Wheel of the turbine,
3 — the Directing wheel,

4 — Coupling for blocking гидространсформатора,
5 — the Entrance shaft of a transmission.

Ultimate authority before driving wheels – the main transfer

The main transfer is an ultimate authority which takes place a twisting moment generated by the engine on a way to driving wheels. Its problem consists in that the frequency of rotation "arriving" from a transmission, to translate in "slow", the twisting moment thereof increases and is in regular intervals distributed on driving wheels.

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