Ford Mondeo since 2000
1. Introduction
2. Equipment
3. Care of the car
4. Engines
5. Greasing system
6. Cooling system
6.1. A cooling liquid
6.2. Check of system of cooling on tightness
6.3. Check and доливка a cooling liquid
6.4. Replacement of a cooling liquid
6.5. Addition of a protection frame from замерзаниядо–30 °C
6.6. Dismantle and thermostat check – only at the cooled engine
6.7. First aid – перемкнуть a thermoswitch
6.8. Dismantle of the fan of system of cooling
6.9. Dismantle and radiator installation
6.10. Replacement of hoses of a cooling liquid
6.11. The air filter (the muffler of noise of an admission)
6.12. Clearing and replacement of a filtering cartridge
7. System of injection of fuel
8. Ignition system
9. Fuel system
10. Transmission
11. A running gear
12. Brake system
13. The electrotechnical equipment
14. Electroschemes
15. Car salon
16. A body
17. Technical characteristics
18. The help at malfunctions



6. Cooling system

It is well visible: level of a cooling liquid in a transparent compensatory tank near to the right amortizatsion th rack.

If you often add small volumes of water check up system on tightness and is closer by the autumn add antifreeze.

In normal operating conditions the system of cooling Mondeo, that is in "a healthy" temperature range always stays. "Cooling" represents the union of several units: the heat exchanger (radiator), the water pump, the fan of system of cooling, the thermostat, a broad tank, pipelines of a cooling liquid and hoses are only "supernumeraries" for a cooling liquid which performs the work in the block of cylinders and a head of cylinders «under constant pressure» in a filigree network from strictly proportional water channels, so-called «a water shirt». Superfluous thermal energy kept in a water shirt from combustion is taken away by the heat exchanger in atmosphere. On what secret ways the cooling liquid circulates in Mondeo, depends, certainly, on temperature of the engine and current conditions of use.

At the cold engine – a small circle of circulation of a cooling liquid

After each start-up of the cold engine the cooling liquid pulses in the beginning on a small circle, it is limited to "a water shirt» and a heater radiator. At this stage working in new Mondeo from an electricity the thermostat detains stream movement to a radiator until the engine will not reach the working temperature.

It is the important reason. As the circulating volume of a liquid in a small contour of circulation is less – the engine thus reaches the necessary temperature earlier and throws out less than the fulfilled gas. As soon as the cooling liquid has reached the working temperature, the thermostat opens and нагретая the cooling liquid дозированно passes from top to down through the heat exchanger. On this way through its radiator "blows" in a head wind which is passing by segments of a radiator, and takes away superfluous thermal energy.

Interaction of elements co-ordinated by the thermostat «air and water» protects the engine from simultaneously cold shock and a hot collapse.

At the heated-up engine – the big circle of circulation of a cooling liquid

At normal working temperature the cooling liquid in Mondeo plies from the right tank of a radiator (concerning a movement direction) to the water pump. Therefrom it gets to the block of cylinders and a head of the block of cylinders of the engine: through the open thermostat the basic part of a liquid back in the left tank of a radiator flows, the rest does while "detour" through the heat exchanger. The liquid flowing down from below in a radiator automatically creates from above a place for flowing нагретой liquids – кругооборот liquids becomes isolated. If the temperature of a cooling liquid during movement goes down below the set worker of temperature, the thermostat is closed until while it will not heat up again.

«An economy of system of circulation»: components of system of cooling of the engine in hydraulic "contact"

1 — the Heat exchanger – heating,
2 — the Engine,
3 — the Thermostat,
4 — the Water pump,
5 — the Fan of system of cooling,
6 — the Compensatory tank of a cooling liquid.

Constantly is under pressure – cooling system

At the working engine the cooling system constantly is under certain superfluous pressure. Thanks to it the boiling point of a cooling liquid with 100 °С to approximately 120 °С raises. Engine Heats reduce the expense of fuel and issue of the fulfilled gas. If at нагретом the engine pressure in cooling system – depending on the engine version – exceeds 0,85 – 1,2 bar редукционный the valve on запорной to a cover of a compensatory tank is closed also superfluous pressure in cooling system leaves in atmosphere. The vacuum arising thus in system counterbalances at once the valve in запорной to a cover. As soon as it opens, external air gets to a tank and there is a pressure alignment. In particular, at city trips or a traffic to a mode «Stop-and-go» often the head wind can to be met", and the engine needs to be cooled and protected from defects caused by an overheat enough. For such special case all Mondeo possess located directly behind a radiator and the resulted electric drive the fan. This small wind power unit makes active a thermoswitch at temperature nearby 120 °С. The fan is automatically disconnected again when the normal working temperature is reached.

To lower pressure: the cooling system is checked by means of the mechanical pump. 2 for this purpose in a radiator or a receiver for approximately 5 minutes pressure more low on nearby 1,6 bar is established. System pressure should go down on approximately 0,2 bar, otherwise it is necessary to search for leak and to eliminate. 1 Zapornaja a cover of a compensatory tank.

Constant supervision over engine temperature

If at as much as possible high loading, for example, to driving with the trailer, or because of other malfunctions the engine temperature is constantly exceeded, from capital damages of engine Mondeo the program will protect from overheating established in the block of management of drives (РСМ). At 1 stage the program instructs only to the index of the temperature indicator to be established in a red range of a scale.

If you ignore the given signal and temperature continues to raise, on the instrument panel the alarm bulb «drive failure» lights up. In this case allow the engine to have a rest necessarily a little, it should be cooled and then it is necessary to go on station Ford. During this intermediate period the management block does not work, however he has written down a code of malfunction which can be считан at station the diagnosing program. If all the same to ignore as the indication of the indicator and fire of an alarm bulb or unintentionally not to notice, action is entered by 2nd stage of the program: РСМ деактивирует two cylinders also limits frequency of rotation of the engine. Simultaneously the signalling device on the instrument panel will warn now before the subsequent damages of the engine.

To release on this critical phase the engine, both "dead" cylinders soak up at this time pure air. Whenever possible in regular intervals to lower temperature level, cylinders "have alternately a rest". If you have ignored a stage 2, the stage 3 leaves to you precisely 30 seconds of time in this time to stop your "hot" Mondeo on a road roadside. And to avoid serious troubles in the engine, system RSM then simply disconnects the engine.


Details of system of cooling

Base design of system of cooling:

1 — the Lamellar radiator with lateral water tanks,
2 — Internal air directing with a flange for the fan,
3 — the Electric additional fan,
4 — the Connecting tip,
5 — the Electric fan of a radiator,
6 — the Connecting tip,
7 — the Compensatory tank of a cooling liquid,
8 — Zapornaja a stopper of a tank with редукционным the valve,
9 — the Bottom hose for cooling means,
10 — the Connecting tip,
11 — the Thermoswitch,
12 — the Top hose for cooling means.

Adjusts cooling liquid: the water pump (the centrifugal pump).

1 — the pump Case directly in the block of cylinders,
2 — the O-lining,
3 — the Water pump with a pump wheel (driving wheel).

The water pump: in all engines Mondeo centrifugal pumps are intended for acceleration of movement of a cooling liquid in cooling system. It occupies the workplace in four-cylinder Mondeo on the right forward party of the engine, in V6 on the left number of cylinders sideways the sixth cylinder.

Radiator: consists of the plastic tanks located from both parties with water. Both tanks incorporate among themselves by means of set of thin-walled aluminium tubules. The thin aluminium strips combined by an accordion contact to tubules: they repeatedly increase a surface of a radiator and take away superfluous heat towards to a head wind. Radiator Mondeo fastens to the top and bottom cross-beam.

The thermostat: it is intended for water temperature regulation in the engine and its deduction at constant level. The majority of thermostats, depending on the engine version, open in a range between 99–102 °С. For already second-hand thermostats the admission makes / – 3 °С. Thermostats consist of one closed thermoelement (cylinder) filled with special wax, a clamping spring and a valve plate. As the cooling liquid heats up, wax in a thermoelement extends and raises, counteracting effort of a spring, a plate of the valve from the place. Only at working temperature the valve is completely open. When water will be cooled, the spring presses in a direction to a plate of the valve and accordingly locks stream passage. In cars Ford now for the first time regulates engine temperature the thermostat heated up by an electricity. Its work depends on the information which transfer the gauge of cooling means (EATS), gauges of temperature of soaking up air and current loading (ТМАР), and also from the gauge of speed of movement of the car (VS/OS). This "trio" is under direct supervision of the onboard computer (РСМ) which processes signals taking into account parametrical diagrammes and transfers them to a regulator of a cooling liquid. The thermostat is not energised in those ranges in which level of temperature 98 °С does not cause any consequences. In all other cases, in the presence of the raised temperatures – for example, at full loading – when occurrence of defects of the engine is possible, наполнитель the thermostat is alive and with the thermostat high temperature level already "juggles".

Within several seconds access to the big circle of circulation of cooling means increases further, and at the expense of it the engine temperature goes down approximately to 80 °С.

Compensatory tank: automatically supplements volume of a circulating cooling liquid in cooling system. Superfluous pressure in system goes down for the account редукционного the valve placed in запорной to a cover of a tank. The vacuum levels the second valve in запорной to a cover. The transparent plastic tank settles down in a motor compartment on the right concerning a movement direction.

The fan of system of cooling:
all engines Mondeo are equipped электрически by the resulted fan. This fan also often name the radiator gate.

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