Ford Mondeo since 2000
1. Introduction
2. Equipment
3. Care of the car
4. Engines
4.1. To make in a workshop or it is independent
4.2. Проворачивание the engine
4.3. Compression degree
4.4. Measurement of degree of compression
4.5. Check приводных belts
4.6. Installation приводных belts
4.7. Definition of a place of malfunction by listening – noise in a motor compartment
5. Greasing system
6. Cooling system
7. System of injection of fuel
8. Ignition system
9. Fuel system
10. Transmission
11. A running gear
12. Brake system
13. The electrotechnical equipment
14. Electroschemes
15. Car salon
16. A body
17. Technical characteristics
18. The help at malfunctions

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4. Engines

In a unison mobilise 200-s' Mondeo two four-cylinder engines in three various variants of capacity, six-cylinder V6 (60 ), and also two diesel four-cylinder representatives with турбонагнетателем, working on the fulfilled gas, and system of direct injection of fuel. Compact units are established in Ford Mondeo across a movement direction. Concerning the expense of fuel, smoothness of a course, elasticity and capacity return without restrictions these engines concern the advanced representatives of the generation, and concerning parametres of the fulfilled gas experts have given out them certificates on observance of norms Euro 4 for carburettor engines and norms Euro 3 for diesel units.

Privodnye units Mondeo

Mondeo – since modelling year 2000 Working volume (sm3) Capacity (кВт/л.с./мин-1) Capacity (Нм/мин-1)
1,8-l 16V Duratec-HE
1 798
165/3 950
1,8-l 16V Duratec-HE
1 798
170/4 500
2,0-l 16V Duratec-HE
1 998
190/4 500
2,5-l V6 24V Duratec
2 495
220/4 250
2,5-l V6 24V Duratec (ST2200)
2 495
235/5 500
2,0-l 16V DuraTorg-DI
1 998
245/1 190
2,0-l 16V DuraTorg-DI
1 998
280/1 900

All приводными units Ford Mondeo processor Visteon Levanta with tyre CAN for data transmission operates. The 32-bit tyre of the microcomputer is helped with carburettor engines by the 3-3-parametrical characteristic for ignition system, including the detonation gauge. Cylinders are supplied with fuel with октановым number 95 Euro Super, with electronic system of consecutive injection of fuel (SEFI).

Depending on motorisation two various одноплунжерных the distributive pump of system of injection (Bosch VP 30, 66 кВт/90 h.p. – Bosch VP 44, 85 кВт/115 h.p.)

Provide with "oil" diesel installations. Both pumps spray a mix in two stages by means of a two-spring atomizer with a multijet spray directly in combustion chambers: as soon as the first diet of a diesel engine (pilot injection) in cylinders already is captured by fire, the basic injection is carried out "softly" to light it in front of a flame of the first injection. In carburettor engines the system рециркуляции the fulfilled gas (EGR) in the union with the three-running catalyst carries out tap of the fulfilled gas, in diesel engines this work is carried out by the acid catalyst assisting system рециркуляции of fulfilled gas.

Undoubtedly compact DONC (double-over-head-camshaft) Duratec-engines from easy alloys with two massive flywheels can be carried to technical innovations Ford in двигателестроении. Increase of value of a twisting moment and capacity, and also simplification of performance of service works was one of accurately designated purposes of these workings out: for example, at checks and maintenance service.

Therefore in four-cylinder engines all components participating in preparation of a gas mixture, settle down in front, in V6 it is possible to find them in the middle between blocks of cylinders. And other, spent on the occasion of check, are carried out quickly on the basis of manual elementary routine actions and do not demand hands of the surgeon.

Motor branch Duratec-HE 16V:

1 — the Compensatory tank with a liquid for brakes and coupling,
2 — the Air filter,
3 — the Storage battery,
4 — ShChup for measurement of level of engine oil,
5 — the Compensatory tank of the amplifier of a steering drive,
6 — the Tank of system of washing of glasses,
7 — the Compensatory tank of system of cooling,
8 — the Bulk mouth for engine oil pouring.

Motor branch Duratec-HE 24V:

1 — the Compensatory tank with a liquid for brakes and coupling,
2 — the Air filter,
3 — the Additional box with safety locks,
4 — the Storage battery,
5 — ShChup for measurement of level of engine oil,
6 — the Tank of system of washing of glasses,
7 — the Compensatory tank of the amplifier of a steering drive,
8 — the Compensatory tank of system of cooling,
9 — the Bulk mouth for engine oil pouring.

Motor branch DuraTorg-DI 16V:

1 — the Compensatory tank with a liquid for brakes and coupling,
2 — the Air filter,
3 — the Storage battery,
4 — ShChup for measurement of level of engine oil,
5 — the Compensatory tank of the amplifier of a steering drive,
6 — the Tank of system of washing of glasses,
7 — the Compensatory tank of system of cooling,
8 — the Bulk mouth for engine oil pouring.

Technical cooperation with participation Mazda

The base idea of engines Duatec has appeared as a result of cooperation with company Mazda, branch Ford on Far East horizon. However, it not the first contact to the Far East which Ford has transformed to results useful to: in cooperation with Yamaha there were world famous four-cylinder engines Zetec. They have celebrated the debut in Fiesta, and in variant Zetec-SE with 1,4/1,6-литровым in working volume have appeared also in Focus.

Certain corner of injection: fuel reaches the same details in front of inlet valves.

It is possible to carry operated atomizers to technical features of Duratec-units. Their four apertures snuffled strictly under a certain corner are established in the combustion chamber. Two apertures "are directed" on left and others two on the right inlet valve. Fuel turns to especially homogeneous gas thanks to what it "burns down" more effectively.

At the expense of exact management of an air-fuel mix engineers realised the counterbalanced level of filling of cylinders, stable process of combustion of the fuel, "steady" idling and for all conditions of loading the most suitable issue of the fulfilled gases in comparison with old engines Endura.

The motor block and head of the block of cylinders, and also cases of the majority of auxiliary units in new generation of Duratec-engines is made of a special aluminium alloy. For the further weight reduction of a cover of valves inlet tubes from plastic have been made of magnesium, and.

Synchronous management: throttle заслонки (vortical заслонки) makes active in an inlet collector the general shaft.

1 — a system Lining рециркуляции fulfilled gas,
2 — the Lining of the inlet channel,
3 — Throttle заслонка,
4 — the system Channel рециркуляции fulfilled gas,
5 — the Nozzle of low pressure,
6 — Regulating draught.

In heads of the block of cylinders two camshafts located from above rotate, they operate work accordingly four valves of each chamber of combustion. A number of constructive actions supports found and almost without noise and vibrations operation, low issue of the fulfilled gases, and also favorable small expenses for maintenance service. Thanks to application of wearproof materials Duratec-engines manage simple тарельчатыми pushers. The klapannyj backlash at four-cylinder engines, as a last resort, is checked after carrying out of repair work with a drive of the valve or after approximately 150 000 kilometres of run. For backlash adjustment pushers are measured and completely replaced. In V6 and both diesel engines клапанный the backlash is corrected by means of hydraulic pushers. Check Mondeo with the carburettor engine it is necessary to spend each 60 000 kilometres of run, the diesel engine should "stretch" before check on 15 000 kilometres less.

In petrol engines, it agree Ford, besides there comes term spark plugs, engine oil and the oil filter fulfil the duties during 20 000 kilometres. The driver of a diesel engine is obliged to replace engine oil, according to the program, after each 15 000 kilometres.

Duratec-HE – It is optimum on turns, flexible and moderated in expenses

"Dexterously running and quiet: management of Duratec-HE-engines.

1 — a final camshaft,
2 — an inlet camshaft,
3 — the inlet channel,
4 — приводное a chain wheel of the oil pump,
5 — a cranked shaft,
6 — the piston,
7 — the final channel,
8 — приводное a wheel of a final camshaft,
9 — a chain of a drive from штифтовых links,
10 — приводное a wheel of an inlet camshaft,
11 приводная a chain of the oil pump,
12 hydraulic chain натяжитель.

And — the Curve of a twisting moment of the 1,8-litre engine with 81 кВт/110 h.p.
In — the Curve of a twisting moment of the 1,8-litre engine with 92 кВт/125 h.p.

Curve of a twisting moment of the 2,0-litre engine with 107 кВт/145 h.p.

Curve of a twisting moment of the 2,5-litre V6-engine with 125 кВт/170 h.p.

Both base variants are equally mobile and flexible DoNc-privodnymi units. 1,8-litre differs from the 2,0-litre engine only other relation of length of a piston stroke to diameter of the cylinder, a camshaft with the changed phases timing and larger valves. From the point of view of constant optimisation of a friction and good culture of rotation, both engines possess drilled with a split-hair accuracy, the sleeves of cylinders poured in in the aluminium motor block from grey pig-iron with pistons from easy alloys and covered with a special covering, including and piston rings with the lowered parametres of a friction.

The quiet and "dexterously running chain of a drive from штифтовых links reduces besides noise and engine vibrations. The chain does not demand maintenance service and under normal conditions operation long supports an engine life. It concerns and to приводной chains of the oil pump, together with a chain wheel it consists in contact to an end face of a cranked shaft: the water pump and сервонасос, the generator and the Expert-supercharger, on the contrary, are put in action приводными by belts.

In heads of blocks of cylinders of Duratec-HE-engines two camshafts rotate. They operate, in each cylinder accordingly, two, located at an angle 42 under the relation to each other inlet and final valves. The drive puts in action an unattended chain with the hydraulic device of a tension. A chain wearproof and not demanding servicings fix on both parties of the engine plastic directing tyres – these рейки make essential impact on mechanical suppression of vibrations of control facilities by the engine.

All constructive actions are directed not only on audibility and sensitivity, but also that is important for owner Mondeo, on топливораздаточную a column: at the average expense of km of 7,7 l/100 (7,8 l/100 of km) "small" Duratec-HE quite moderately burn the supergasoline of model Mondeo with a body a sedan. They reach the maximum speed in 193 km/hour (205 km/hour) and carry out dispersal with 0 to 100 km for 11,6 seconds (10,8 seconds). At working volume of 2,0 litres such Mondeo 8,0 l/100 of km demand already, of 215 km/hour "rushes" with the maximum speed and is dispersed with 0 to 100 km for 9,8 seconds.

Duratec-VE V6 24V – small distinctions in details with the big consequences

Duratec-VE V6 24V it was established already between forward wheels "old" Ford Mondeo that did not lead to a bad figure of the car. However моторостроители were accepted both to it, and for use in Mondeo II have successfully rejuvenated and modified. Strong heart Mondeo mobilises from 2,5-litre working volume, as before, 125 кВт/170 h.p. at 6000 rpm. (ST220: 162 кВт/220 h.p. at 6 000 rpm) – however is much easier: the basic updating has taken place in heads of the block of cylinders. Here parametres timing in all working conditions have been optimised. Result: Duratec-HE "softly" hangs on a pedal of an accelerator and lets out the fulfilled gases in atmosphere essentially purer, than before. V6 Ford meets requirements entering in 2005 to norms Euro 5.

Under a surface it is possible to find not only this determinative of progress, is available also set of small updatings which make distinctions. For example, the modified inlet channels for increase of a turbulence of the gas mixture, the new electronic coil of ignition with the high target pressure, co-ordinated with Duratec-HE the fuel system, the modified differential valve of pressure of the fulfilled gas (DPFE), application of the gauge of detonation combustion (KS), a compact drive of the camshaft, the optimised switching drive of the soaking up pipeline (IMRC), in a new fashion executed ременный a drive for auxiliary units and not the worst new 32-bit system of regulation of engine Visteon Levanta which uses the CAN-tyre for "communications".

It is tested in Mondeo – technics

Formulas in 1 big circulation

Duratec-VE V6 is one of most easy and compact the V6-engine. Its head of the block of cylinders and the motor block have appeared, for example, after occurrence special, developed English моторостроителями firms Cosworth, methods to flow from extremely easy aluminium alloys. And by the way: Mondeo V6, with a corner of disorder of cylinders 60, it has appeared after the occurrence till now the first business lot engine which has been made on this technology – originally it was the privilege only engines of the Formula 1.

Shifts in the engine do Duratec-V6 similarly fast and strong приводным by the unit which with Mondeo in all situations easily enters game. The maximum twisting moment 220 Нм Duratec reaches at 4250 rpm, however already at from above 1500 rpm it "pulls" on forward wheels to 6250 rpm constantly at least 87 % (190 Нм). V6 in model Mondeo with the body characterised by the expressed corner between glass of a back and a luggage carrier, runs up from 0 to 100 km/h for 8,7 seconds and quickly reaches till the maximum speed in 225 km/h. And it at moderate thirst: on the average it facilitates the 58-litre tank each 100 km on 9,8 litres of supergasoline.

Turbodiesel in double packing – direct injection with 66 кВт/90 h.p. and 85 кВт/115 h.p.

Engine DureTorg DI is based on used in cars for transportation мелкопартионных cargoes 2,0-litre turbodiesel DuraTorg. For application in 2000 Mondeo this four-cylinder engine in two variants of capacity has been radically modernised. This duet offers such design features which lift parametres of capacity of modern turbodiesels with direct injection almost on level of the colleagues with spark plugs. Among other them concern built in a final collector турбонагнетатель – in 85 kw th of the version with changeable geometry of the turbine – a head of the block of cylinders from easy alloys with two camshafts placed from above and 16 valves, a hydraulic pusher of the valve, a drive of the fuel pump of a high pressure and a camshaft with a double chain and with hydraulic натяжителем, and also a cooler наддувочного air which lowers temperature of inlet pressurisation to 100 С. In addition extended rods (160 millimetres) put in action roundish balance weights with rotating weights on krivoshipno-shatunnom the mechanism. And that gas exchange also occurred "full", both work DureTorg DI with одноплунжерным the distributive pump of system of injection (66 kw – Bosch VP 30, 85 kw - Bosch VP 44) which combustion in chambers doses out diesel fuel in two stages.

DureTorg DI prove the "internal" perfection on roads optimum expenses of the fuel answering to a spirit of the age in parametres of issue and attractive smoothness of a course. The engine about 66 kw at 1900 rpm gives out the best twisting moment in size in 245 Нм on flywheels with two weights. The model having a body a sedan, executes dispersal from 0 to 100 km/hour for 13,1 seconds and at 180 km/h "acceleration" stops. Needless to say, 85 kw th Mondeo drag the forward wheels even more more persistently: for example, at 1900 rpm with 280 Нм, sprint with 0 to 100 km/h it passes "only" for 9,8 seconds or in an hour a piece a maximum in 195 kilometres. If all the same "the normal" temperament is not reached, engine management of a 115-strong diesel engine quickly gives green light on "superprofit" – around full loading the twisting moment thus raises to 310 Нм.

At all temperament and comfort of movement about autocolumn Mondeo remains with the diesel heart and somewhat limits itself. Whether it be 90 or 115 horsepowers: on the average from a tank the maximum of 5,9 litres through each 100 kilometres – to the European measures pretty well disappears to execute specifications on отработанвшему to gas according to Euro 3.

Curve of capacity 1 and a curve of a twisting moment 2 engines DureTorg DI 66 кВт/90 h.p.

Curve of capacity 1 and a curve of a twisting moment 2 engines DureTorg DI 85 кВт/115 h.p.

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