Ford Mondeo since 2000
1. Introduction
2. Equipment
3. Care of the car
4. Engines
5. Greasing system
6. Cooling system
7. System of injection of fuel
8. Ignition system
9. Fuel system
10. Transmission
11. A running gear
12. Brake system
13. The electrotechnical equipment
14. Electroschemes
15. Car salon
15.1. Ventilation and heating
15.2. From time to time to inspect heating and ventilation systems
15.3. Dismantle of the block of management by heating and ventilation
15.4. The fan
15.5. Search of malfunctions of the fan
15.6. Replacement of the engine of the fan
15.7. Replacement of lamps of salon
15.8. The switch
15.9. Coding ключазажигания
15.10. Check of the door contact switch
15.11. Radio receiver dismantle
15.12. Dismantle dynamics
15.13. Dismantle of the external aerial
15.14. It is not recommended – to dismantle forward seats independently
15.15. Dismantle of a back of back seats
15.16. Dismantle of an upholstery of a door in front
15.17. Dismantle of lateral glasses / стеклоподъемника
15.18. Стеклоподъемник
15.19. Engine adjustment стеклоподъемника
15.20. Dismantle of the door handle
15.21. Dismantle of the lock of a steering
16. A body
17. Technical characteristics
18. The help at malfunctions



15. Car salon


To IPS Mondeo adaptive two-section pillows of safety for the driver and the next passenger, including system of recognition which analyzes emergency level, position of seats of the driver both the next passenger and congestion of a seat of the next passenger concern.

1 — the Pillow of safety of the next passenger,
2 — the Block of management of a pillow of safety,
3 — the Pillow of safety of the driver,
4 — the Gauge of congestion of a seat (a place near to the driver),
5 — the Satellite gauge,

6 — the Gauge of position of a seat of the driver,
7 — the Holder of the lock of a seat belt,
8 — the Sound gauge,
9 — the Pillow of safety of protection of a head.

Ford in Mondeo not only has outside placed new forms and lines, simultaneously and car salon, speaking to language of forms, also has got the new framing design. Already at the first stages of workings out designers Mondeo have by right of succession transferred the – at that time still digital – «baby» exact spatial structural division, at a stage of creativity of their inspiration continually helped to realise the big computer and the advanced software: Mondeo 2001 has been completely created in the digital form. Thus, for the first time in company Ford process of designing and working out of the car by means of the specialised software «car Designing» has been realised. It was association of digital computer design aids (CAD), the automated designing (CAE), the automated manufacture (CAM) and managements of the industrial information (PIM) which has united all components for joint «purposeful work» over Mondeo. The tool named С3Р, has simultaneously united in itself properties «the communication genius» and "time machines": С3Р has allowed to reduce usual terms to designing and working out till 13 months. Precious time in which developers Mondeo could correct freely «other constructive knots» the child.

By means of С3Р already under the primary screen information it was possible really and взаимосвязанно to present the future base proportions of the car, for example a kind of salon or spatial position and places of placing of separate units «the digital child».

Developers Mondeo also used "dictatorship" of the big COMPUTER, they co-ordinated own «flashes intellectual work» with the general concept digital «judges on a line».

The big computer carried out "homeworks" very consistently and purposefully: to make salon convenient for five persons and to issue «vital space» luggage carrier, it has reduced to a minimum of requirement for places for all mechanical components, "has moved apart" in comparison with Mondeo I wheel base on 50 millimetres and has increased full length by 175 millimetres.

Driver Mondeo enjoys now it «digital dictatorship» on each kilometre: during driving it stays in generous on dimensions and with taste "the decorated" salon and if necessary uses exemplary volume of a luggage carrier. The driver and its partner travel on the first class in the middle class car, and three back places provide long excursions to well "outlined" back bench without sensation of pressure upon elbows and knees: space for feet of 969 millimetres, space for knees of 937 millimetres and 1 393 millimetres at level of shoulders of passengers are width optimum sizes for middle class. The higher class concerns and safety system, advertising texts Ford have bragged even of presence IPS (Intelligent Protection System) thanks to which the driver and nearby the sitting passenger are protected by active and passive means.

Protect feet of the driver – protective pedals

To – after: a pedal in a normal state () – after collision ().

1 — the Dividing lever,
2 — the Lever of a direction of movement,
3 — the Direction of movement during process of braking,
5 — Reception of pushing bar ГТЦ,
6 — Pushing bar ГТЦ,
7 — the Pedal of a brake,
8 — the Direction of movement during collision,
9 — Broken pushing bar ГТЦ (the braking end).

To the information from the advanced Crash-gauges in Mondeo react two-level forward, and also lateral, head and заплечиковые safety pillows. Active headrests (in front), seat belts with three-dot fastening on all seats, and also преднатяжители seat belts and the terminator of effort of a belt dependent on loading (in front) supplement "arms" of means of safety Mondeo. Well and that also feet of the driver have received corresponding «chances of a survival», possible places of breaks of a pedal of brake Mondeo have been neutralised": at heavy face-to-face collision it« without resistance »is unhooked and falls on днищевой sheet.

In "sizes" here all also is well co-ordinated. And for small children in "Isofix-age", needless to say, will be in Mondeo "the" seats, and they can be fixed separately from parents on back seats.

Functionality, with taste the issued control facilities and high-quality materials define salon Mondeo atmosphere: each detail it is thin it is ground – visually and qualitatively. For example, the instrument panel: its appearance from perfectly issued devices and smoothly built in average console very much impresses, and nice handles from artificial materials testify that Ford besides optics has opened besides and Haptik as possible argument for purchase. Salons of versions Ambiente and Trend, and also models with an interior from a skin are executed with taste in uniform tones – only top models with emblem Ghia have horizontally divided colour scale.

The driver reaches all basic switches and elements of management, directly sitting before a steering wheel: an analogue watch, an audiosystem (at will with the control panel on a steering wheel), and also the Expert-panel settle down on the average console. Besides, with the new clothes the luggage space "shines" also, it "swallows" bulky things the flat loading floor and "arrests" to lateral walls a box with medicines and a sign on an emergency stop. No doubt, all these novelties in second "edition" Mondeo influence its sale price.

We meaningly recommend there only those works on servicing and repair which do not show excessive requirements to expert fans.

Why we in general so in detail stop here on «internal architecture» – before such "did not occur", and today became more and more, or it is not necessary to do it? And if all the same to think?! Стеклоподъемник with the electric drive in a door of the driver, for example, "will seldom live" a full life of the car. And "a false" lamp in salon or "the worn out" rear-view mirror конфронтируют sometimes more often with yours «a box for tools» even if it could be your favourite. However further we all the same will shortly and clearly tell to you, when and where professionals should become your first assistants.

Defects in work on yours Mondeo, certainly, implicitly are not looked through: at last, the self-help is justified not only at occurrence of malfunctions and during repair – always the well-groomed car lifts to you and yours to the neighbour good mood. And subsequently, if it is necessary перепродавать "horse", regularly well-groomed salon creates at the buyer not only good impression, but also will in addition add to its cost still pair of hundreds euro.

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