Ford Mondeo since 2000
1. Introduction
2. Equipment
3. Care of the car
4. Engines
5. Greasing system
6. Cooling system
7. System of injection of fuel
8. Ignition system
9. Fuel system
10. Transmission
11. A running gear
11.1. Forward bridge Mondeo
11.2. The service factor – geometry of the forward bridge
11.3. Check of shock-absorbers – is obligatory after deterioration of two complete sets of tyres
11.4. Regular check of a free wheeling of a steering wheel
11.5. Check of protective cuffs gear рейки
11.6. Check of tips of cross-section steering draught and cuffs
11.7. Check of the bearing of the cross-section lever of a suspension bracket
11.8. Check of a backlash of the wheel bearing
11.9. Replacement of the forward cross-section lever of a suspension bracket
11.10. Dismantle and installation of an amortisation rack
11.11. Replacement of tips of cross-section steering draught
11.12. Replacement of cuffs of the steering mechanism
11.13. Replacement of a rotary support of the steering mechanism
11.14. Dismantle and installation of a back amortisation rack
11.15. Replacement of the shock-absorber (versatile person)
11.16. The steering mechanism with the amplifier
11.17. Tyres and disks
11.18. It is better to check on cold tyres – pressure of air
11.19. Wheel replacement
11.20. Check of a condition of tyres
12. Brake system
13. The electrotechnical equipment
14. Electroschemes
15. Car salon
16. A body
17. Technical characteristics
18. The help at malfunctions

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11. A running gear

Сервоподдержка: two gear рейки the steering mechanism with different transfers

And — Circulation of hydraulic oil,
1 — the Power absorbing element with a pillow of safety of the driver,
2 — the Rack of the steering mechanism with карданным division,

3 — the Bottom facing of a rack of the steering mechanism,
4 — the Top facing of a rack of the steering mechanism,
5 — the Oil cooler.

For good dynamic parametres and comfort of movement responsibility in Mondeo is born by a running gear. Theoretically in all conceivable road situations it should at various road coverings and during any movement strictly to co-ordinate position of wheels.

But it only in the theory – in practice it anything other as the compromise which as it is possible more close should to correspond to an ideal. Sisyphean toil in which the industrial powerful COMPUTERS participate, the advanced software and – round a terrestrial ball – uncountable test transitions in various conditions. As your wheel Mondeo should not only "rotate" simply, during movement they should besides – is whenever possible imperceptible from you – to make also purposeful movements upwards and downwards, and also direction changes: even at braking or accelerations there are various forces which seriously influence a running gear.

Command work when all components are strictly co-ordinated with each other is here again necessary and arrange each other. Systems concern a running gear подрессоривания and amortisation, wheel suspension brackets of forward and back bridges, the steering mechanism and wheels with tyres. The brake system which also is a compound component of a running gear, is in detail described in the separate chapter Brake system.

Thin this business – equation of a running gear

Well designed wheel suspension brackets even during a computerisation epoch – inconvenient enough problem: wheels should be constantly under strictly certain corners to a car axis. As soon as you Mondeo crosses, for example, roughness of a surface or is overcome by an abrupt bend, inevitably there are forces which change geometry of wheels. Thus contact to a road cloth of a wheel never should lose, otherwise, according to actions of centrifugal forces, you Mondeo on the shortest way would appear out of road. That it has not occurred, wheels will amortise concerning a body: in commonwealth with spring shock-absorbers strike away blows, they "discharge" a road surface. Shock-absorbers followed to name actually гасителями vibrations. As they extinguish not pushes, and weaken only own fluctuations of springs and tyres.

Are connected with each other – the steering mechanism and traffic safety

Dynamics of movement and road safety, among other, depend that wheels confidently turn in the necessary direction. This pair should do all sensitively and purposefully. Character of operation of the steering mechanism besides is strictly co-ordinated with axes and geometry of the steering mechanism.

Running gear Mondeo is an indicative example of that the car of the raised middle class – concerning comfort and traffic safety – does not demand the big compromises. Forward wheels Mondeo "discipline" MacPherson's amortisation racks, back wheels work separately – on the back bridge, крещенном in Ford Jargon Quadralink. The back bridge works with track correction that does Mondeo by quite pleasant car for driving. All components of a back suspension bracket are supported by a separate auxiliary frame, it – for decrease in noise – is screwed together with the bottom.


Terms of geometry of the steering mechanism

Convergence of wheels: Forward wheels are ahead located is more close to each other a little, than behind (slide against each other). It allows to level a friction between a wheel and a road surfacing which would "withdraw" the left wheel automatically to the left, and the right wheel compulsorily to the right. For maintenance of movement of a wheel and applied efforts to a steering wheel rim at movement on turn the internal wheel on turn is developed more strongly in comparison with an external wheel – the positive convergence of wheels passes in a negative convergence of wheels (wheels are behind located is more close to each other, than in front).

Typical picture of a positive convergence of wheels: forward wheels are in front located is more close to each other, than behind.

Disorder of wheels: a wheel inclination to the imaginary vertical line passing through the centre of a wheel. Reduces blows of a road cloth on the steering mechanism, reduces the efforts operating on a wheel at turn, and a friction of wheels about a surface. Forward wheels Mondeo have positive disorder – they settle down from above in a wheel niche slightly further from each other, than from below on the earth.

Cross-section inclination шкворня: an inclination of a rotary axis in relation to a vertical line. If to assume a direction of a line of such axis to the earth and to measure distance to the average line passing through a wheel (the central point of a surface of contact of the tyre) receive a shoulder обкатки. To avoid action of stirring forces on management, it is necessary, that the shoulder обкатки was as less as possible. Together with a negative convergence of wheels the cross-section inclination шкворня causes among other effect when the car at the broken wheels in front raises a little.

Negative convergence of wheels: distance (in a movement direction) between the prospective extended line of a rotary axis to the earth and the central point of a surface of contact of the tyre. Thanks to such convergence of a wheel last (are not displaced). The stretched wheels are necessary that to establish rectilinearly and to support stability of this position.

Wheel parametres: And: the Negative convergence of wheels, In: disorder of wheels, With: the Cross-section inclination щкворня.

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