Ford Mondeo since 2000
1. Introduction
2. Equipment
3. Care of the car
4. Engines
5. Greasing system
6. Cooling system
7. System of injection of fuel
8. Ignition system
9. Fuel system
10. Transmission
11. A running gear
12. Brake system
13. The electrotechnical equipment
14. Electroschemes
15. Car salon
16. A body
16.1. Dismantle and door installation
16.2. Door adjustment
16.3. Dismantle and installation of an external rear-view mirror
16.4. Dismantle and installation обтекателя
16.5. Dismantle and cowl installation
16.6. Adjustment of a cowl of the engine
16.7. Dismantle and installation of a cover of a bumper (forward)
16.8. Dismantle and installation of wings
16.9. Dismantle and installation of a cover of a bumper (back)
16.10. Dismantle and installation of a cover of a luggage carrier
16.11. Adjustment of a cover of a luggage carrier
16.12. Dismantle and installation of the lock of a back door
17. Technical characteristics
18. The help at malfunctions



16. A body

Hour to last "European" Ford with a drive on back wheels has punched in 1993. Successor Sierra has since then logo Mondeo, since modelling year 2001 in the second generation: any old wine in new hoses – last Mondeo represents a detailed new design which convinces conceptually and answers a spirit of the age. This beginner managed irreproachable lightning start – and not only in Germany. The edition 2001 is offered in three variants of a body and three variants of a complete set: as 4-dvernyj the car – a sedan; as 5-dvernyj the car – a hatchback and as 5-dvernyj the versatile person under name Turnier – all together forming the company from «Ambiente», «Trend» or «Ghia». Only ST200 with the special status still sported an urgency in old «a sports suit» – at least, before serial start ST220 in the beginning of 2002.

New Mondeo among other it is possible to carry to positive lines also easy and stable structure of a body. In base equipment (Ambiente) "empty" 1,8-litre Mondeo, a having body the sedan, shows of 1374 kgs on scales – to 1600 kg increases weight of the versatile person in a complete set «Ghia» c 85 kw th the engine with direct injection DuraTorg. From переда to the central rack neobeaten and unpainted bodies "eat" in a greater degree identical details.

It is generous for the sizes – car salon

Manufacturers Mondeo somewhat "moulded" the ward from within outside: according to system of the world of engineers, Mondeo offers to five passengers «high level of ergonomics, comfort and functionality». Buyers Mondeo benefit in the beginning from 2754-millimetric wheel base and a majestic roof: advantages which are presented to crew Mondeo in all places in the form of the ergonomic seats, a convenient input and an exit, and also the big freedom for knees, shoulders and goals. No doubt, on the average class Mondeo flaunts in the sizes – its places for landing in a greater degree answer «the higher class».

And all it in «a suit to order» which even in narrow many-storeyed garages-parking or in rush hours looks "air": with 4731 millimetres on length (the versatile person: 4804 mm), 1931 on width and 1429 – 1460 millimetres (the versatile person: 1441–1514 mm) on height here appear modest Mondeo. Absolutely other picture on roads – here Ford flaunts in a greater degree: even at full useful loading (461–589 kg) onboard it quickly passes turn as "kid" and copes with hollows, cross-section seams or soil folds as "adult".

At high level – safety

The important structural elements of a neobeaten and unpainted body are designed by manufacturers Mondeo on prospect – strenuously – taking into account safety requirements and collisions. A determinative of the high standard of safety Mondeo is its as much as possible "rigid" cell for the passenger: structural elements of a lobby, back and lateral parts of the car absorb energy arising at the expense of collision by "command". SAPR-MODELS and Ramsis-modelling have allowed to carry out already on the screen more exact analysis of new projects. For example, the colleague-computer has given a picture of character of deformations on a scientific basis – real experiments with collisions also have been used to engineers as acknowledgement of the data of virtual "reality". Only from 10 to 15 % of all experiences represented real collisions in nature, the others have been spent on the COMPUTER by means of computer modelling.

On 50 % it is more reliable, than at the predecessor – forward space for feet

One of the main requirements to «structure of a neobeaten and unpainted body» says: forward spaces for feet should be more reliable, than at the predecessor. It has been realised – the risk of reception of a trauma in new Mondeo makes on 50 % more low, than at its predecessor. The reason: надрамник takes up not only приводной the unit together with the forward bridge, it has besides function of an auxiliary frame with strictly certain parametres of deformations.

"Is bent" from hydraulic power – the forward shock-absorber

The forward shock-absorber represents a steel cross-section beam which under the influence of strong pressure of water (a deep hydraulic extract) from within outside can be deformed. At small speed of collision (15 km/h) "trick" with water basically minimises deformation behind the located structures of the car. A purse – always cautious argument for the insurance and the fan: Mondeo confirms this fact with the a favorable kasko-rating and moderate expenses on послеаварийный repair.

It is deformed under strong pressure of water: the forward holder of a bar of a pusher to (from above) and after "troubles" (from below).

Besides it in Mondeo the structure of a forward wall, a forward and average rack, and also body floor components are strengthened. Everywhere there, where there is an absorption and a deformation transmission of energy – in aggregate on 43 % acting parts of metal sheets of a body – the high-strength steel is used. That the column of the steering mechanism had very few chances at a head-on collision «without reductions» to drive in the salon, the cross-beam of the instrument panel screwed between forward racks in the form of the rigid, closed tubular profile blocks to it road. Together with the bottom and top longitudinal beams which are intended for the energy absorption, all it creates "humanely occurring deformation process of a forward part of the car with formation of sufficient space for a survival of passengers.

Rejects a steering column: a cross-beam of the instrument panel in the form of the rigid closed tubular profile.

Provide fast repayment of forces of collision on a roof – average racks

You Mondeo also is effectively protected and from lateral «unpleasant meetings»: the basic share of forces is taken in this case up by V-racks – however they here "are not spent", and quickly "burn down" on a roof. For increase of the protective function «the metal firmament» has received the own strengthened edges of a roof. In addition in Mondeo, naturally, it is possible to find and door patrons, and also, needless to say, absorbing striking power door facing or seats with indemnification of forces of the inertia arising at braking, with corresponding means of fastening.

Not only forward or lateral "opponents" parries Mondeo with the big flexibility and necessary stability, its back also can «take up» energy of collision without threat for passengers. Well and if to the neighbour of the driver becomes absolutely "hot" the emergency switch on right пердней to a rack blocks fuel giving, preventing thereby occurrence large «petrol pools» and the subsequent big fire. For simplification of hit of rescuers in salon of a door 2000 Mondeo now it is possible to open also the strong arc handle: it maintains loading of the big forces of draught and does not capitulate thereby to "the clamped" doors.

Favorably for a purse – a body convenient for repair

As a result the second generation Mondeo satisfies to legal requirements of norms ЕСЕ and Euro-NCAP. Besides, it settles down also in a green zone of transferred internal standard Ford. Any standard does not do distinctions between the man and the woman: hence, all security measures should open the optimum protective action completely both for 5 % of women », and for 95 % of men. Legislative instructions"knew"till now only 50 % of men. And in Mondeo parents fasten children on children's seats in Isofix-base points.

The body rather treating favourably to repair modern Mondeo has got, however, at the ancestors: the good information for fans to rummage in the car most, you are worthy its nobility.

Constructive elements of a body – forward and back glass

We will devote following sections exclusively simple кузовным to works which you can spend independently. To forward and back glass, and also the versatile person, certainly, should put hands to the pasted lateral glasses of the version the professional: for these constructive elements of a body it is a typical case for a workshop.


Hands of the fan away from преднатяжителя a seat belt

Forward three-dot seat belts basically are equipped преднатяжителями. At collision during 10 milliseconds belts instantly stretch with the help пиропатрона, and during following five milliseconds they arrest car "crew" to backs of forward seats. It occurs automatically. As soon as preliminary programmed value of a delay is exceeded, газогенераторы ignite and realise a tension of belts. Works with automatic system of packing and a tension of seat belts should be carried out always by professionals, they have passed specialised training courses and are trained the appropriate reference with safety pillows, преднатяжителями. Thus, it is necessary to acquire their practical experience for your own safety and safety of the neighbour is always a great value.

 Attention: BEFORE carrying out кузовных works under the car "neutralise" преднатяжители seat belts and a safety pillow.

Kuzovnye works in zones of an arrangement of a pillow of safety and seat belts with преднатяжителем, please, carry out always after careful consideration: even easy blows by a hammer or vibrations from shock винтоверта can be incorrectly interpreted gauges as an emergency. And as consequence: they unjustly work. Therefore before all нижеуказанными кузовными works disconnect the storage battery and give to condensers to a pillow of safety and преднатяжителей at least five minutes on a discharge.

Distinguishes the put seat belt: the Hall gauge in the seat belt lock.

1 — the Lock of a seat belt with the gauge of the Hall,
2 — Pyrotechnic преднатяжитель,
3 — the Fixing wire of the lock of a seat belt,
4 — the Control lamp of a workplace of the driver.


Kuzovnye works

The majority of repair work described in this chapter can be executed with use of base tool equipment. A cowl, a back door and lateral doors – bulky enough elements, therefore it is desirable to have at least one assistant. And at last one more good advice at performance of works with a cowl and a back door: you can facilitate to yourselves installation if during dismantle will mark position of loops.

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