Ford Mondeo since 2000
1. Introduction
2. Equipment
2.1. In due time take care of spare details
2.2. Tools – base equipment
2.3. Special tools and accessories
2.4. Experience business – a professional advice for fans
2.5. Councils for visiting a workshop
2.6. Safety first of all – the first precept of the one who helps itself
2.7. The practical tool for lifting – a jack
3. Care of the car
4. Engines
5. Greasing system
6. Cooling system
7. System of injection of fuel
8. Ignition system
9. Fuel system
10. Transmission
11. A running gear
12. Brake system
13. The electrotechnical equipment
14. Electroschemes
15. Car salon
16. A body
17. Technical characteristics
18. The help at malfunctions



2.5. Councils for visiting a workshop

You Mondeo cannot do without completely a workshop – for example, in connection with regular maintenance service. At least, until the guarantee on the new or second-hand car still operates. As the new car, Mondeo has the general annual guarantee without current run. Concerning corrosion кузовного metal Ford establishes двенадцатигодовую a guarantee.

After guarantee period end on the new car the written contract for the second year – is sent at the maximum run of 50 000 kilometres – on warranty service and rendering assistance at malfunctions of all basic units. In the second year the condition operates that by fourth year run should make a maximum of 100 000 kilometres. On first twelve «months of a life» Mondeo Ford gives a mobile guarantee of the European level in which are included «a hot line» with the user, services in towage, parking place and car rent. The mobile promise of base service point Ford further is valid. Thus, if repair is tightened on больший term, than it is defined for dealers Ford it are given to you for rent the car, demonstration model or transport services.

Do not forget to make the appropriate contract from a workshop

To prevent the possible troubles connected with a workshop or simply there is no time for the self-help, there is no necessary experience or roads the improvised tool do not run at once in a workshop. In all cases you can render a great influence on with what mood you will leave a workshop. Pay attention on resulted below a game rule and councils which try to use during the nearest visiting of a workshop.

Where to go with Mondeo – to guarantee or any workshop?

    The question, what workshop to find for the Mondeo, basically always remains opened. Besides a guarantee workshop there are also other workshops with good recommendations. Many repair work in them is made at the same competent level, as in guarantee workshops. The oil replacement, new brake overlays, brake disks, tyres and shock-absorbers often in them is made even better. However pay attention basically to, whether this workshop has the certificate классности and whether belongs to corporation of motorists. However during a warranty period all the same the case of visiting of corresponding guarantee workshop Ford will be presented to you. To a bowl of all it is caused by checkup or repair of units. Simple defects of polishing or metal it is possible – despite a guarantee – to eliminate independently or in one of the nearest a workshop. At occurrence of new problems with repair, naturally, it is better to operate according to a factory guarantee.


Check and guarantee

    During inspection condition and functioning of constructive knots which are especially important for reliable and safe work of the car first of all are checked. The worn out details are if necessary replaced also. Already after run of 20 000 kilometres at adverse traffic conditions it is possible to observe distinctly a deterioration of details in brake system, a suspension bracket of wheels, tyres and the steering mechanism. Regular checkup therefore supports yours Mondeo in the good sports form, and also, first of all, it is directed on your own safety. Ford recommends for Mondeo through each 20 000 kilometres of run (for a diesel engine of 15 000 km) to spend checkup with simultaneous replacement of oil. Full check of the car should be carried out through 60 000 kilometres (a diesel engine of 45 000 km). If you go a little, all the same plan annual replacement of engine oil. If you the owner new Mondeo or have just replaced the engine necessarily adhere to the ordered intervals of servicing and refuse self-service. As Ford carries out competent guarantee certificates only in the event that works on servicing were made in guarantee workshops.

In written form – the contract on repair

    Make the list of symptoms and lacks which have been noticed. Follow point point of this list together with the master from a workshop or its representative. If all the same something remains to you not clear ask about it once again. Show the revealed lacks directly on the car. Precisely formulate the demand for repair carrying out.
    The general expressions of type «to execute according to TÜV» or «repair for holiday carrying out» are directly programmed on the subsequent disagreements. For example, when it is required to carry out calculation for works in which, in your opinion, there was no necessity. Always make the demand for repair in writing. In the contract it is necessary to specify kinds of carried out works more precisely whenever possible. Thanks to it it is possible to show always in a workshop acknowledgement of the ordered services.
    Never to be trapped – in advance agree about the prices for repair services. Before transferring the demand for repair, it is possible to divide preliminary it under expenses on materials and the salary. Establish for usually appearing additional works limiting price border. If in advance still precisely it is impossible to establish amount of works, specify in a workshop the concrete, is minimum possible cost of repair work. Make inquiry under prospective diagnostic expenses. If, for example, your car consumes too much fuel or badly begins movement if the engine "stammers" or strange noise on wheels diagnosing will be more expensive, than actually repair more often are audible. Therefore limit as well search of malfunctions by a price limit. To receive answers to the inquiries, inform a workshop the phone number. Usually the response should follow in the event that the amount of works on repair became more extensive or will cost dearer, than earlier co-ordinated parametres. It is possible to adhere also and additional written arrangements it agree contracts from a workshop. At the increased amount of works ask a workshop to send also in writing the preliminary estimate of expenses. Solid firms, as a rule, settle an invoice preliminary expenses in the event that the subsequent repair will not be carried out. At the expense of unpredictable in advance works current calculation of the preliminary estimate of expenses can be exceeded a maximum on 15–20 %.

Almost on 30 % it is more favourable – special offers on details and services

    As soon as to yours Mondeo year it makes sense to make inquiry about details and service services will be executed exactly. Not only guarantee workshops Ford often offer a package deal including acquisition of original details favourable under the prices – on it you can save to 30 %. Make, for example, to the dealer Ford inquiry under the action «purely inside, from below, outside». If replacement of units not always acquisition of a new detail should become for you the first choice is subject to payment: enquire about presence the prepared and checked up replacing details. Thereby it is possible to save "cash" – naturally at their comparable quality. The engine, system of injection of fuel, a transmission, coupling, the generator, a starter and the water pump can be corresponding replacing details. Oil replacement in a workshop or a gasoline station sometimes costs much: them работнички willingly will offer to your car more expensive "juice". Request inexpensive grades of oil of the same specification – as a rule, you Mondeo "runs" with them not worse.

Check together with the master from a workshop – calculation of expenses on repair

    After repair see together with the master or the adviser of service the calculation of the estimate presented to a workshop. Ask to explain you not clear reductions and special terms. In the account there should be separate positions, such as expenses on a wages, a material and the value-added tax. On miscalculations within six weeks after their reception claims can be made.

In due time to remind – unsatisfactory repair

    It is necessary to notify on unsatisfactory repair necessarily. Master class workshops should bear for it responsibility within six months (guarantee certificates). For the subsequent defects caused by inadequate repair, answer, naturally, and авторизированные workshops. If at acceptance of the car you had been revealed at once the first lack the workshop, despite completely executed volume of repair work, can include and expenses on their elimination. In these cases notice in the account that your payment will follow exclusively with the reservation and after a corresponding call. Inform the master on the claims in business "tone". If on a place it is impossible to resolve disagreements address in judicial instances of corporation of motorists for the free help. Your workshop is a member of this corporation. Addresses of such instances name to you, for example, in the central society of consumers, in our automobile club

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