Ford Mondeo since 2000
1. Introduction
1.1. Representation of help system
1.2. The first sight at the program of models Mondeo
1.3. Engines
1.4. Dimensions
1.5. Development of models
2. Equipment
3. Care of the car
4. Engines
5. Greasing system
6. Cooling system
7. System of injection of fuel
8. Ignition system
9. Fuel system
10. Transmission
11. A running gear
12. Brake system
13. The electrotechnical equipment
14. Electroschemes
15. Car salon
16. A body
17. Technical characteristics
18. The help at malfunctions

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1.2. The first sight at the program of models Mondeo

Stylish silhouette: four-door Mondeo a hatchback.

Huge door: Мондео with a body the versatile person performed by "Gia".

It is necessary to give the due: the modelling program is various enough and answers the most different problems. Mondeo, the having body with the corner expressed behind between glass of a back and a luggage carrier, moves on roads in a greater degree as the four-door variant, and a having body with hollow a going down roof descend from industrial conveyors as a five-door variant. Well and Turnier with a body the versatile person appears on roads more often with five doors. Lineup Mondeo is more low resulted:

    Mondeo Ambiente – an initial variant Mondeo Trend – a comfortable variant Mondeo Ghia – "lux-variant" Mondeo Turnier – a variant with addition Mondeo ST220 – a muscular variant

Well and such good as pillows of safety for the driver, a number of the sitting passenger, lateral, head and humeral pillows of safety, protection against lateral blows, belts and safety locks, active headrests, servo control, an adjustable rack of the steering mechanism, an electronic blockader of movement, АБС with the electronic distributor of brake forces (ESD), the assistant to safe braking (EVE), the climatic installation (EXPERT), a seat of the driver regulated on height with a support for lumbar vertebras, перекидная a back of back seats and a back many-placed seat, clamp ISO for a children's seat, a luggage space cover (Turnier), a hook, the filter for a dust and flower pollen in salon, a tachometre, an analogue watch, application атермальных glasses, electric стеклоподъемники in front and system of the centralised blocking of doors with remote radio management – all it already has onboard 2000 serial Mondeo.

Mondeo Ambiente – the first choice for cold calculation

The initial variant is available with all variants of a body and engines. "Small" Ambiente at 1,8-litre working volume develops capacity of 81 kw (110 h.p.). On 15 h.p. it is more, at the same working volume, the first step of capacity offers. At 2,0-litre working volume Ambiente has 107 kw (145 h.p.). Besides at it an automatic transmission. As diesel engine Mondeo for cold calculation mobilises in that case 66 kw (90 h.p.). One more event, advanced base Mondeo with additional equipment, buyers get at once from factory though and so Ford traditionally equips the base versions already wholly (look serial equipment) – that is "main thing" in the car is established already at factory.

Mondeo Trend – the first choice for the fan of comfort

Mondeo Trend is based on absolutely "full" base equipment Ambiente. Buyers of model Trend undergo in the beginning choice torments which appear at a sight at the company of possible engines. To a set of power units used in model Ambiente for model Trend it is added 2,5-litre V6 about 125 kw (170 h.p.) and strengthened to 85 kw (115 h.p.) The diesel engine with working volume of 2,0 litres. In this diesel engine, however, as well as at its younger colleague in Ambiente, diesel fuel is injected in the portions directly into the combustion chamber. Besides it Mondeo Trend differs from Ambiente varnished on colour of the car door handles and decorative молдингами, antifog headlights are built in a bumper. Besides, both external mirrors are supplied by electroheating and the electric drive. Sitting on back seats can use стеклоподъемники with the electric drive and an average armrest. The driver in Trend enjoys a steering wheel with leather facing and the leather switch, the panel of tools in a decorative aluminium framework and the general with the second pilot a shined additional mirror. Lumbar vertebras of the neighbour having problems with a back, in model Trend can be unloaded"at the expense of regulation of corresponding support.

Mondeo Ghia – the first choice for the sensitive buyer with paid "lux".

Model Ghia in system of the automobile world of concern Ford traditionally is offered for those who loves a class "lux": on example Mondeo Ghia it means Ambiente plus Trend. For example... Climatic installation with the automatic control of temperature... The warmed windshield, warmed nozzles стеклоомывателя... 6,5J х 16 "disks from easy metals in the company with tyres 205/55 R 16... Warmed forward seats... Warmed space for feet... Not sliding rugs for feet... The onboard computer... A rear-view mirror with automatic easing of action of light of headlights... The instrument panel with a dark grey shade for tree imitation, decorative laths on doors from a high-quality steel... Lanterns for reading in front. Besides, outwardly users Ghia distinguish this of Torahs-Mondeo only on inscriptions, various emblems and typical for Ghia to wheels with 5 spokes. Driver Ghia to whom the diesel engine about 66 kw (90 h.p.) is offered as the first choice Should solve, possess for itself Ghia Luxus or two-place parametres of capacity: both components in common cannot live in one car.

Mondeo Turnier – the first choice for pragmatically adjusted buyers

Basically all concerns model Turnier the same, as sedans: loading area Mondeo same, as in offsprings Ambiente, Trend and Ghia, depending on equipment with all engines. The role the truck for a walk plays Mondeo Turnier, armed with the 2,5-litre V6-engine and 125 kw (170 h.p.). Its manufacturer, certainly, has said goodbye To price strategy – in all variants Turnier occupies a top of a price scale. Certainly, for those who on weekdays used in the beginning advantages комби, a choice of model Turnier – the first choice.

Mondeo ST220 – the first choice for the "mobile" buyer

Model ST220 somewhat is the most powerful in palette Mondeo. Irrespective of the form of a back part of a body, ST220 approaches in any vestments – in the assumption that between leading forward wheels 3,0-litre power unit Duratec-VE optimised on capacity is established. In ST220 reaches 60th V6 162 kw (220 h.p.) at 6000 rpm, its maximum twisting moment makes 275 Нм at 4750 rpm. Technically brawny Mondeo it is designed in traditions of the former RS-models, in большей to a measure it has transferred their genes to today. As works described in given volume on maintenance service and repair are substantially identical for all models, we do not recognise for ST220 as any a special role. However everywhere there, where ST220 conducts "private life", we will do corresponding references. Serial release new brawny Mondeo is planned on the beginning of 2002.

The choice program – special equipment

Buyers Ford Mondeo are sometimes released from torments of a choice already at factory: not all possible special equipment can be combined from engines and accessories. An additional design package (facing of a forward part of a body with the built in antifog headlights, the lateral facing, a special back bumper), on the contrary, are available in all models – naturally, only in the company with wheels from easy metal, but not with legkosplavnymi-disks 6,5J х 16 ”with design in 9 spokes. Besides, the list of special equipment includes various scale for gourmets of music, fans of sports and private forwarding agents . However: on various options sometimes comparison of the prices marks benefit from their acquisition in shops of autospare parts, for example, if it is a question of the tjagovo-drawbar for work with the trailer or крышных shipping systems in various variants. Base bearing system buyers, it is final buyers Mondeo, should define at dealers Ford: In that case it is possible to guarantee at least demanded level of safety on possible further "adjustment" – at least, at appropriate assemblage.

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