Ford Mondeo since 2000
1. Introduction
2. Equipment
3. Care of the car
4. Engines
5. Greasing system
6. Cooling system
7. System of injection of fuel
8. Ignition system
8.1. The ignition coil
8.2. Proof to a heat – spark plugs
8.3. Replacement of spark plugs – after 60 000 kilometres
8.4. Check by means of the universal device – the gauge of frequency of rotation
8.5. By means of the assistant to any problems – check of the gauge of pressure
8.6. Harmonious work – current check in системезажигания
8.7. It is carried out by means of the universal device – resistance measurement on the ignition coil
8.8. Dismantle of the block of ignition
8.9. Heating of the cold diesel engine – the device of a preliminary warming up
8.10. Check of the device of a preliminary warming up
8.11. Check of the relay of a preliminary warming up
8.12. Check of candles накаливания
9. Fuel system
10. Transmission
11. A running gear
12. Brake system
13. The electrotechnical equipment
14. Electroschemes
15. Car salon
16. A body
17. Technical characteristics
18. The help at malfunctions



8.3. Replacement of spark plugs – after 60 000 kilometres

Ford orders in respect of servicing replacement of spark plugs through each 60 000 kilometres. If old candles do not start yours Mondeo unsatisfactorily or already before this term or it works as jerks after start-up spark plugs "have gone on strike": for example, because of the fused electrodes. Or as a result of invisible cracks in a ceramic insulator. The mentioned cracks at cold start-up «willingly soak up» the condensed fuel. And as igniting sparks basically go by the way of the least resistance they can not reach any more electrodes. If you had doubts concerning old candles, on try happiness with the new complete set. It is necessary to replace candles only at the cold engine and using special candle keys or heads.


That changes «the person of a candle»

Spark plugs to a certain extent are the main witnesses of process of combustion. Visually candle electrodes can tell to the expert, whether the engine optimum works. Therefore always pay attention to the dismantled candles and on their appearance:

Colour of a thermal cone of an insulator light grey, grey-yellow to the reddish: well prepared топливовоздушная a mix – the engine works economically.

Colour of a thermal cone of an insulator the whitish: too poor топливовоздушная a mix – check up the maintenance WITH; probably, incorrect moment of ignition, the block of management the defective.

The thermal cone of an insulator, electrodes, the candle case is covered by a velvety, black-matte soot: spark plugs do not reach the temperature of self-cleaning (frequent driving on short distances), wrong калильное number, топливовоздушная a mix rich, the high maintenance WITH.

The thermal cone of an insulator, electrodes, the candle case is covered by an oily soot or an oil deposit: the piston rings, directing valves or a lining of mines of valves are damaged. Whenever possible use engine oil or fuel with additives. Replace spark plugs, replace oil and fuel mark, then again check up a condition of candles.

60 000 km


    In the beginning dismantle facing of the engine and disconnect a socket of spark plugs from candles. Ослабьте candles approximately on three turns and carefully blow apertures of candles the compressed air. Thereby polluting particles will not have chances – through candles – to get to cylinders.

    Deeply in "underground": the tip of spark plugs.

    Turn out spark plugs by means of a candle key and put them is out of a motor compartment – as an arrangement of cylinders.

    With the special candle assistant to any problems: dismantle of spark plugs.

    Before installation slightly clean a carving of new spark plugs copper paste and strongly screw candles in corresponding apertures. Then in addition tighten candles the candle tool still almost on 90 ° (a turn quarter). 90 ° corresponds to approximately ordered moment of an inhaling 25 Н·м. If you use second-hand candles preliminary before installation thoroughly clean their carving a brass brush, then slightly grease, insert candles, strongly screw and then in addition tighten for 15 °. It will be enough: in candles used earlier the lining already before final installation is preliminary pressed.


Works with ignition system

The legislator carries electronic system of ignition to the category of dangerous knots. Therefore at performance of all works with ignition it is necessary to observe special safety measures. Кардиостимуляторы, for example, during such works can fail. To be assured that you will not have any complications, transfer all works with electronic systems of ignition to workshops Ford is better. Even at work on servicing it is necessary to observe extra care.

    At all do not concern at the included ignition of details of primary and secondary electric chains being energised – danger to a life. Always at performance of all service works disconnect ignition system. It similarly concerns as replacement of spark plugs, and detachments and connections of electric wires or connection of control devices. At the included ignition there is enough car shake-up to cause a high voltage impulse. Under a cowl of the engine you are in danger also separate details of system of ignition, besides, can fail. At performance of electrowelding works with yours Mondeo preliminary disconnect both poles of the storage battery.


Spark plugs sit strongly

To release strongly sitting candles, never use "brute force": otherwise in heads of the block of cylinders from easy metal it is possible to destroy a carving. If there was such problem, by way of exception warm up the engine and again try the happiness. Be cautious – нагретый the engine can quickly burn your hands. Therefore wait with installation until the engine will not be cooled. Our recommendations have as well a technical substantiation: if cold spark plugs have been established in нагретый the power unit they sit as if the welded. However, spark plugs at the following replacement will be easier for dismantling, if before installation a few to grease a course of a carving with copper greasing steady against heats.

The module of ignition and cable – pay to them attention

    Whether cable conclusions and a multicontact socket are strongly connected to the coil of ignition and the management block? Departing cables of ignition owing to air hit in nested contact crosspieces slightly rise and consequently refusal ignitions (faults) is possible. Free cables of ignition provoke occurrence of currents of leak on a surface and uncontrollable spark overlappings. Check up cases of coils on presence of cracks or the traces of burning caused by blocking sparks. Whether have plugs good contact to tips of candles? They should not be oxidised. Check up a wire of ignition of a high voltage, isolation should not be spoilt or punched. Immediately replace a cable with clearing or suppression places. In a defective wire the igniting spark can already come off before a spark plug (a way with the least resistance!) – thus it is possible to hear in a motor compartment a crash and тарахтенье. Remove adjournment of salt or to exhaust on an ignition wire.

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