Ford Mondeo since 2000
1. Introduction
2. Equipment
3. Care of the car
4. Engines
5. Greasing system
6. Cooling system
7. System of injection of fuel
8. Ignition system
9. Fuel system
10. Transmission
11. A running gear
12. Brake system
13. The electrotechnical equipment
14. Electroschemes
15. Car salon
16. A body
16.1. Dismantle and door installation
16.2. Door adjustment
16.3. Dismantle and installation of an external rear-view mirror
16.4. Dismantle and installation обтекателя
16.5. Dismantle and cowl installation
16.6. Adjustment of a cowl of the engine
16.7. Dismantle and installation of a cover of a bumper (forward)
16.8. Dismantle and installation of wings
16.9. Dismantle and installation of a cover of a bumper (back)
16.10. Dismantle and installation of a cover of a luggage carrier
16.11. Adjustment of a cover of a luggage carrier
16.12. Dismantle and installation of the lock of a back door
17. Technical characteristics
18. The help at malfunctions



16.1. Dismantle and door installation

Axial adjustment with the help распорной washers: wedges for заключки

1 — Fixing screws,
2 — the Carving plate,

3 — the Case of the lock,
4 — Raspornaja a washer.

As these works with all дверьми are almost identical, as an example here we will consider a door of the driver. Doors Mondeo are suspended almost as simply, as well as room doors, – you should separate loops only for this purpose. At door removal be accurate and cautious not to damage its paint and varnish covering. After emergency repair or installation of the used spare details it is necessary to adjust simply the size of a door backlash on oversized loopy apertures. Definitively adjust backlashes on all perimetre of a doorway on a vertical and a horizontal, the axial backlash is regulated by means of распорной washers.

All door loops consist of two parts and as a whole are screwed on a door and a forward and average rack by four screws. Both half of loop connects a separate bolt. Apertures for screws in halves have an allowance so you can spend the coordination of backlashes of a door conveniently and simply.


    Disconnect the storage battery. Then unscrew «захватную a door strip» from a forward and average rack and … … in forward door mine disconnect a multicontact socket dynamics, systems of blocking of locks with the central management and electric стеклоподъемника. For this purpose turn the screw with накатной a socket head against the stop to the left and then separate halves from each other. Further remove a safety ring from both loopy bolts. Before unscrewing loopy bolts from loops, ask the assistant to take a door. Pull out in the beginning top and only then the bottom loopy bolts. If bolts are clamped, ask the assistant with effort to lift and lower a door – if it correctly makes it, thereby will remove "pressure" from bolts. Pull out a door from loops and steadily put on the appropriate basis. Before installation grease slightly bolts of loops and захватную a tape. Then …

    Consists of two parts and it is screwed:

    Door loop.

    1 — Adjusting apertures, 2 — Sharnirnye bolts.

    … "link" both halves of a loop and ask the assistant to insert loopy bolts. Before inserting safety rings into ring flutes, will pay the attention to their preliminary tension: weak rings can sometime drop out of a flute, and loopy bolts can, in turn, «to go to travel», and as consequence: the door drops out «it towards». Instal upside-down. Track that colour marks (a white stroke) the screw with накатной a head have necessarily been co-ordinated with colour marks (a white point) the interfaced detail. Against the stop tighten

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16.2. Door adjustment