Ford Mondeo since 2000
1. Introduction
2. Equipment
3. Care of the car
4. Engines
5. Greasing system
6. Cooling system
7. System of injection of fuel
8. Ignition system
9. Fuel system
9.1. Fuel
9.2. Check of ventilation and tank airing
9.3. Replacement of the fuel filter (the petrol engine)
9.4. Replacement of the fuel filter (the diesel engine)
9.5. Опорожнение a tank – patient game without the fuel pump, demanding sleight of hand
9.6. Dismantle of pipelines and hoses (the general instructions)
9.7. Search of malfunctions of the fuel pump
9.8. Dismantle and installation of the fuel pump (the petrol engine)
9.9. System of release of the fulfilled gases
9.10. Councils for work with an exhaust system
9.11. A cost question – a complete repair or partial replacement
9.12. The poorly fulfilled gas - ASU
9.13. Neutralisation of the fulfilled gases
10. Transmission
11. A running gear
12. Brake system
13. The electrotechnical equipment
14. Electroschemes
15. Car salon
16. A body
17. Technical characteristics
18. The help at malfunctions



9.1. Fuel

Benzinnovye engines Ford Mondeo demand for themselves Euro Super (ROZ 95). But they can use and Super Plus (ROZ 98). This grade of fuel needs to be "accepted" in that case when Mondeo, for example, in a busy schedule at high external temperatures the raised capacity constantly is required to yours. The expense of fuel in the presence of Super Plus can appear even more low. However the greater influence on the expense will be naturally rendered by your "own" pedal of gas.

At small gas to reach to a place is reduces the price for fuel

Therefore spend acceleration always promptly, whenever possible be switched to the following high transfer earlier. As soon as the necessary speed has been reached, try to keep the Mondeo on as it is possible for high transfer and small "gas". Switch the engine to higher transfer only at overtaking or movement in a transport stream. Besides, the engine should be stopped during short stops, for example, before a railway barrier, a traffic light or a road stopper: it "is restored" already through 5 – 7 seconds, and environment from it only will win.


Fuel – terms and norms

Standard gasoline/supergasoline: are almost identical on clearing degree, evaporation parametres (it is important for воспламеняемости) and to balance of energy (warmth of combustion on fuel kg). Solving difference: supergasoline possesses higher detonation ability in comparison with usual gasoline.

Diesel fuel: fuel which excellently corresponds to physical properties of "the diesel unit». At the expense of the high propensity to ignition and high degree of compression in diesel engines fuel combustion under the control proceeds for fractions of a second. For petrol engines such diesel fuel would be, certainly, «pure poison» – it for few seconds would make oily spark plugs.

Summer/winter diesel fuel: summer diesel fuel agrees DIN 51 601 on топливораздаточной to a column is accepted between spring and in the autumn without any liquid additives. However it already at small minus temperatures (nearby–8 °С) possesses ability to парафинированию and to spoil топливопроводы together with the filter. Therefore in Germany in a transition period use diesel fuel with a small share of liquid additives. According to norms DIN winter diesel fuel keeps the fluidity to–12 °С, in practice this fuel can be trusted nevertheless at negative temperatures to–22 °С.

Detonation firmness: the above compression degree, the above thermal productivity of the engine. However when fuel in petrol engines has propensity to spontaneous ignition, it can lead to uncontrollable combustion – the engine "rings". Superfuel «beats off attacks» combustion high pressures as usual gasoline, – therefore at it is less than ignition possibilities. If you have by mistake filled in in Mondeo standard gasoline, it can react, when with low frequencies of rotation sharply will begin acceleration, lapses with strong "ring". To avoid serious complications, engines Mondeo are equipped with gauges of a detonation of combustion. As soon as they will reveal "unusual" vibrations in the block of cylinders of the engine on РСМ the corresponding information and the ignition moment is transferred is co-ordinated gradually with parametres of the worst fuel. You Mondeo is slightly sluggish in such affairs. In this situation work as a few pedal of gas and pass only to average turns. Quickly lift prestige of the of "sonorous water» addition in it steams of litres of superfuel.

Oktanovoe number: technically represents detonation firmness of fuel. As a rule, on a filling station it is possible to see a designation “ROZ” (Research-OktanZahl), is more rare the specification “MOZ” (Motor - OktanZahl). Minimal requirements to fuel not containing lead are presented in norms Euro EN 228.

Tsetanovoe number: pure, received in vitro, the relation. It is intended for the description of character of ignition of fuel. Strongly pronounced to ignition цетану number 100, almost to methyl naphthalene not having such property, on the contrary, - number 0 is appropriated. The tsetanovoe number specifies in that, how many volume percent цетана the mix with methyl naphthalene should contain to have the same ability to ignition, as checked fuel. For diesel fuel this value should make 45.


The reference with fuel

At the reference with fuel it is necessary to observe the maximum care. Therefore with work on maintenance service and repair of fuel system do not charge the shoulders. And first of all at опорожнении a fuel tank limiting care should dominate. Therefore in the beginning get acquainted with following instructions under safety precautions:

    Disconnect all wires from the storage battery and isolate free poles of the accumulator. Опорожнение a tank it is better to make in the open air. Thus it is necessary to use the manual pump proof to fuel (for example, сильфонный шланговый the pump). To any case do not try to pour out fuel through the top aperture in a tank (a flange of the indicator of level of fuel) or to soak up a mouth fuel through an empty hose – fuel additives can be poisonous! It is recommended to put in accessible affinity СО2-порошковый or the foamy fire extinguisher of a class of fire danger of Century Never carry out опорожнение a tank in a viewing ditch: disappearing gases it is heavier than air, therefore in a ditch in some hours the explosive mix can be formed. Consequences: direct threat of explosion and negative influence on health at the expense of inhalation of such steams. Be convinced of that during manufacture of works with fuel nearby there are no the included electric devices, an open flame, thermal and digit sources. Fill in fuel only in the closed, pure and accurately signed capacity. For this purpose there are special capacities with огнезащитой and levelling запорной a stopper. In a free fuel tank there can be residual gases. Therefore special attention – danger of explosion!

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