Ford Mondeo since 2000
1. Introduction
2. Equipment
3. Care of the car
4. Engines
5. Greasing system
6. Cooling system
7. System of injection of fuel
8. Ignition system
9. Fuel system
9.1. Fuel
9.2. Check of ventilation and tank airing
9.3. Replacement of the fuel filter (the petrol engine)
9.4. Replacement of the fuel filter (the diesel engine)
9.5. Опорожнение a tank – patient game without the fuel pump, demanding sleight of hand
9.6. Dismantle of pipelines and hoses (the general instructions)
9.7. Search of malfunctions of the fuel pump
9.8. Dismantle and installation of the fuel pump (the petrol engine)
9.9. System of release of the fulfilled gases
9.10. Councils for work with an exhaust system
9.11. A cost question – a complete repair or partial replacement
9.12. The poorly fulfilled gas - ASU
9.13. Neutralisation of the fulfilled gases
10. Transmission
11. A running gear
12. Brake system
13. The electrotechnical equipment
14. Electroschemes
15. Car salon
16. A body
17. Technical characteristics
18. The help at malfunctions



9.9. System of release of the fulfilled gases

Exhaust systems during children's times of motor industry had a problem only to reduce noise of combustion of fuel of "the explosive engine» and to send in atmosphere the fulfilled gases are was then. Since eightieth years of last century the exhaust system began to carry out and other "work": catalysts in an exhaust system almost on 90 % incorporate poisonous substances. Factory Mondeo it is equipped at once with a multicomponent exhaust system.

Possibility of replacement of system of release of fulfilled gases Ford covers with the corresponding service centres. For installation of service blocks working installation on corresponding flanges "is divided" and the new detail is inserted with a new lining. At installation all installation is suspended on new rubber holders.

Complex installation of the engine of 1,8 l/2,0-l

1 — the Flexible tube,
2 — the Catalyst,
3 — the Ljambda-gauge,

4 — the Muffler with a trailer tube,
5 — Rubber pendant loops.

Complex installation of the engine of 2,5 l V6

1 — the Final collector with a flexible intermediate tube,
2 — the Catalyst,

3 — the Ljambda-gauge,
4 — the Muffler with a trailer tube.

Complex installation Mondeo DI

1 — the Catalyst of oxidation,
2 — the Flexible connecting tube,

3 — the Muffler with a trailer tube.

70 000 kilometres – exhaust system Mondeo serve approximately

Naturally, service life of final system strongly depends on conditions of your use Mondeo. If you basically move on a city and mainly on short distances in the mufflers it is possible to find out much more "the eaten" condensate, a soot and aggressive acids. At movements on long distances the constantly well warmed up exhaust system has essentially increased term of the service. However, as a rule, final system Mondeo resists to all vile working conditions approximately 70 000 kilometres.

    The forward part of an exhaust system with the catalyst resists to a rust more successfully in comparison with other components. The basis: the fulfilled gases have in this part of temperature from 800 to 1000 °С thanks to what water splashes and a condensate evaporate much faster. On the way through intermediate the muffler of reflexion and the trailer muffler to a trailer tube the fulfilled gases are constantly cooled. They get to atmosphere, depending on a kind of work (petrol, diesel) with temperatures approximately 150 – 300 °С. Thus in the trailer muffler gathers most of all a condensate. The mix from the rests of combustion and aggressive acids, thus, is destroyed by the muffler from within outside. As soon as cold spraying water "washes" final system under the car bottom, there are strong temperature fluctuations. At movement on long distances they load forward details of installation more strongly. It, despite a flexible intermediate element, can lead to continuous destruction of a tube or occurrence of thin cracks in size with hair. Sprayed and salty water cause rust occurrence outside. Besides, blows of stones and other external influences, for example, a contact installation проезжей parts, the final system "worries" similarly hard. Besides all it also harmful frequencies of fluctuations which, for example, can lead to occurrence of fragility and cracks in pendant rubber loops also are added.

Experience business – so the professional "processes" an exhaust system

The oxidised metal cannot be welded reliably for a long time. Therefore the success of repair of the rusted system of release of the fulfilled gases is not long more often. Putty and a bandage keep slightly more, but the corroded metal as practice has shown, appears again soon near to repair places. In systems of release with more than one muffler a frequent case that after replacement of the first muffler in some months it is necessary to "dismiss" the second. Therefore in workshops all system more often is completely replaced. Nevertheless before beginning repair, examine final system and after that solve, whether to replace all installation or its separate components.

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