Ford Mondeo since 2000
1. Introduction
2. Equipment
3. Care of the car
4. Engines
5. Greasing system
6. Cooling system
7. System of injection of fuel
8. Ignition system
9. Fuel system
9.1. Fuel
9.2. Check of ventilation and tank airing
9.3. Replacement of the fuel filter (the petrol engine)
9.4. Replacement of the fuel filter (the diesel engine)
9.5. Опорожнение a tank – patient game without the fuel pump, demanding sleight of hand
9.6. Dismantle of pipelines and hoses (the general instructions)
9.7. Search of malfunctions of the fuel pump
9.8. Dismantle and installation of the fuel pump (the petrol engine)
9.9. System of release of the fulfilled gases
9.10. Councils for work with an exhaust system
9.11. A cost question – a complete repair or partial replacement
9.12. The poorly fulfilled gas - ASU
9.13. Neutralisation of the fulfilled gases
10. Transmission
11. A running gear
12. Brake system
13. The electrotechnical equipment
14. Electroschemes
15. Car salon
16. A body
17. Technical characteristics
18. The help at malfunctions



9.13. Neutralisation of the fulfilled gases

Example Duratec-HR: two ljambda-gauges in carburettor engines

1 — the Preincluded ljambda-gauge,
2 — Poslevkljuchennyj the ljambda-gauge,

3 — the Catalyst,
4 — the Additional muffler of noise.

By chemical way does to 90 % of components of the fulfilled gas harmless: the three-running catalyst

1 from 2 WITH О2 it turns out СО2; from 2 С2Н6 7 О2 became 4 СО2 6 Н2О; from 2 NO 2 CO it turns out N2 CO2.

1 — the Ljambda-gauge,
2 — the Ceramic monolith,
3 — the Elastic metal texture,

4 — Teplosoderzhashchie double bowls,
5 — Platinorodievoe a covering,
6 — the Ceramic or metal bearing case.

Basically fuel consists of such components, as carbon and hydrogen. At combustion in the engine carbon incorporates to oxygen from air, forming carbon dioxide (СО2), and hydrogen () with the same oxygen (О2) creates water (Н2О). From one litre of fuel there are approximately 0,9 litres of water. It leaves in the form of "invisible" water steam from an exhaust system. However in the winter at cold start-up it is possible to observe often white exhaust clouds – an indirect sign of the condensed water.

Mondeo with the regulating catalyst – a diesel engine with the oxidation catalyst – all Mondeo with system рециркуляции ОГ

All Mondeo with petrol engines go today with one regulating catalyst, including and system рециркуляции the fulfilled gases. On the contrary, diesel variants have at themselves onboard one catalyst of oxidation and system рециркуляции the fulfilled gases. The regulating catalyst reduces a share окиси carbon approximately on 85 %, hydrocarbon on 80 and nitrogen oxides on almost 70 %. The oxidation catalyst leaves alone nitrogen oxides (the system thinks of it рециркуляции). The designation "adjustable" specifies that issue of the fulfilled gas, not that as with the oxidation catalyst, during operation is actively measured and in a zone of the minimum ordered by norms is corrected. With growth of the passed way (run) each catalyst, however, loses "influence".

Measures the oxygen maintenance in the fulfilled gas – the ljambda-gauge

To reduce reaction time of "the poisonous salted pork fat», in Mondeo it is direct in a collector of the fulfilled gases and behind the catalyst the oxygen gauge is built in. He continuously analyzes the residual maintenance of oxygen in the fulfilled gas. It sends "data" to the electronic block of management: depending on current measurements the onboard computer establishes structure топливовоздушной a gas mixture (poor, rich). It is carried out in quickly replaced sequence. Surplus of air for hydrocarbon combustion, a lack of air for decrease in oxides of nitrogen. "The adjustable" fulfilled gases pass the catalyst which – as it is already told above – will transform them to dioxide of carbon, water steam and nitrogen.

Working temperatures of the catalyst

That the catalyst and the ljambda-gauge functioned, it is necessary to reach their working temperatures (the catalyst: nearby 300 °С). This work carry out the hot fulfilled gas within 25–80 seconds. However these react to too strong heating both elements very sensitively. For example, when not burnt down rests of a gas mixture ignite in the hot catalyst (fault in ignition), temperatures inside can raise to dangerous values. The constancy of temperature around 1200 °С can prematurely make old the catalyst, at temperatures from above 1400 °С the ceramic case расплавляется and the ljambda-gauge thus too heats up. The melted off catalyst can be "exposed" with the help of "good ears» on hissing final noise is it is caused raised противодавлением the fulfilled gas – and sharp losses of capacity. At once be engaged in finding-out of the reasons, differently and the new catalyst under yours Mondeo will have a short life, and final valves in a head of the block of cylinders will burn down for very short time.
Pay attention to faults in ignition: especially at switchings from high transfers or congresses on mountain roads to a mode of compulsory idling – if from an exhaust system sounds are distributed, thoroughly get to the bottom of the reason of this phenomenon.


The reference with the catalyst

    If in Mondeo – usually because of the discharged accumulator – there were problems at start-up, refuse driving, moving or car towage. Thus not burnt down fuel can get to the catalyst a lot of and to put it out of action. Refusal of ignition or faults in ignition specify in malfunctions in ignition system. It is necessary to establish quickly the reason of it or to cause to the Mondeo the expert with the measuring equipment. Before establishing new protection of the bottom, well "pack" the catalyst, otherwise for it there is a direct threat of a fire. Sometimes check also thermal protection over the catalyst on presence of damages. Not tight final system (fused linings, temperature cracks, defects from a rust and so forth) in front of the ljambda-gauge deforms results of measurements (the raised maintenance of oxygen). The electronic control mean the engine, hence, gives a command on mix enrichment. The error of the electronic block causes the raised expense of fuel and catalyst presenilation.

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