Ford Mondeo since 2000
1. Introduction
2. Equipment
3. Care of the car
4. Engines
5. Greasing system
6. Cooling system
7. System of injection of fuel
8. Ignition system
9. Fuel system
10. Transmission
11. A running gear
12. Brake system
13. The electrotechnical equipment
14. Electroschemes
15. Car salon
16. A body
17. Technical characteristics
18. The help at malfunctions
18.1. A starter
18.2. The accumulator and the generator
18.3. System of injection of gasoline
18.4. Brakes
18.5. Injection system - a diesel engine
18.6. Electric стеклоподъемник
18.7. A heating system
18.8. Cooling system
18.9. Coupling
18.10. The engine and system
18.11. Braking signals
18.12. A screen wiper
18.13. Greasing system
18.14. The thermostat
18.15. System of the sound and light alarm system
18.16. Screen wiper brushes
18.17. System of locks with the central management
18.18. Spark plugs
18.19. A lining of a head of the block of cylinders



18.11. Braking signals

The reason
A.Otdelnyj a lantern of a signal of braking does not burn.
    Defective lamp. Breakage in connection to weight. Whether all other lamps on the same back party burn? Breakage in a feeding wire.
    Replace. Replace (clean) a wire on weight. Check up a wire. Replace.
Lanterns of a signal of braking do not burn with B.Vse.
    Defect of a safety lock. The defective switch of a signal of braking.
    Check up, if necessary replace. Adjust a pedal course.
Braking burn with V.Signaly continuously.
    The brake pedal hangs. The defective switch of a signal of braking.
Check up the switch of a signal of braking and feeding wires.

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18.12. A screen wiper