Ford Mondeo since 2000
1. Introduction
2. Equipment
3. Care of the car
4. Engines
5. Greasing system
6. Cooling system
7. System of injection of fuel
8. Ignition system
9. Fuel system
10. Transmission
11. A running gear
12. Brake system
13. The electrotechnical equipment
13.1. The storage battery and a starter
13.2. The generator
13.3. Check of level of electrolit in the accumulator
13.4. Care of contacts
13.5. Check of the storage battery
13.6. Engine start "from outside" – with a wire connecting a starter and the auxiliary storage battery, without problems
13.7. Car pushing
13.8. Car towage
13.9. Gymnastics of the storage battery
13.10. Replacement of the storage battery
13.11. Revealing of secret consumers of the electric power
13.12. Check of a regulator of pressure
13.13. Replacement приводных belts
13.14. Replacement of a belt clamping roller
13.15. Dismantle and generator installation
13.16. Starter replacement
13.17. External illumination
13.18. Any big problems – replacement of lamps накаливания
13.19. A provisional measure – adjustment of headlights «before a wall»
13.20. Signalling devices
13.21. Check of the switch of a signal of braking
13.22. Check of a sound signal
13.23. Tools and actuation devices
13.24. Check of functioning of the switch
13.25. Dismantle and installation of the combined device
13.26. Not always simply to follow – "twisting" roads of wires
13.27. Protection against overloads – safety locks in salon and a motor compartment
13.28. It is carried out quickly – replacement of safety locks
13.29. Distributes strong working currents – the switching relay
13.30. An apportion of safety locks and the relay
14. Electroschemes
15. Car salon
16. A body
17. Technical characteristics
18. The help at malfunctions



13.2. The generator

Mobile power-plant: the compact generator

1 — the Case,
2 — Stator,
3 — the Rotor,
4 — the Electronic field regulator with the holder of coal brushes,

5 — the Contact ring,
6 — the Rectifier,
7 — the Fan.

The generator is compact "power station". It feeds at the working engine all electric units with a current and provides with the superfluous energy the storage battery. In Mondeo in a unison three-phase generators on 12 Volt with capacity of 90 Amperes work. They are put in action with the help поликлиновых belts and rotate approximately with the doubled frequency of rotation of the engine. Generators of a three-phase current develop an alternating current, which rectifier built in the case will transform to a direct current. Necessary onboard pressure limits established with an underside of the generator a pressure regulator. Generators charge onboard accumulators and, besides, supply all connected electric consumers.

Cautiously with the accumulator – regulation зарядной system by means of РСМ

The cold storage battery is most effective for high pressure, the warm accumulator, on the contrary, freshens small pressure. This fact Ford considers in Mondeo by means of expensive system of regulation: зарядная the system is under «supervision from above», namely, the block of management of transmission (РСМ): it co-ordinates зарядное pressure by means of a signal of the gauge of temperature of soaking up air (IAT) with current temperature of the accumulator. Besides, he counts optimum necessary value of pressure for the accumulator and sends a signal from it on a regulator.

Simultaneously РСМ operates and supervises a generator exit. At the big expense of a current or the discharged accumulator the system, for example, raises frequency of rotation idling. That during start process to minimise engine loading (a starter, the accumulator), sliping муфта separates ременный a pulley from an anchor shaft: generators Mondeo work only at the maximum loading when the engine works. РСМ constantly increases thus capacity of the generator by means of specified муфты. Do not try to do anything with defective generator Mondeo is a typical variant for a workshop.


Measurement of pressure, current and resistance

If it is necessary to know, whether in a technical order there are various electric consumers onboard yours Mondeo, it is not necessary to run at once for the autoelectrician: in the market there is a number of control devices with which help it is possible to check up a condition of the electric equipment independently.

Control lamp (with needle contact): it is intended for check of, whether there is in a certain electric chain a pressure. The is more light the lamp burns, the it is more in a chain pressure. By means of a lamp needle isolation of a checked wire is simply pierced. The plug of a wire of a lamp is connected to weight (for example, the plug 31 accumulators «minus a pole», to the engine case, the bared metal of a body). Attention: the control lamp is not suitable for carrying out of measurements on electronic devices (for example, in the management block). The sampler with a light-emitting diode is for this purpose used – a lot of capacity is required to control lamps.

Sampler with a light-emitting diode: Depending on execution the given device can measure constant and an alternating voltage in the range from 6 to nearby 700 Volt. Indication of presence of pressure is carried out visually by means of a light-emitting diode. Similar devices are available on sale under reasonable prices about 5 euros.

Multimeter (the universal measuring device): It is intended for measurement of pressure, a current strength (a resistance alternating current/direct current. Suitable devices with digital indication of results of measurement can be found out in shops of autoaccessories under the prices from 8 euros. Power supplies of such devices, as a rule, are carried out from batteries.

Pressure measurement: for example, to measure by means of a multimeter pressure of the accumulator at the opened external chain, it is necessary to connect marked «-» a black wire to the plug 31 (minus a pole) the accumulator or weight. The red wire «» the measuring device should be connected to плюсовой to the plug 30 accumulators (плюсовой a pole) or to a measured wire. If the device shows about 10,4 Volt it specifies in defect in an accumulator cell. Once again check up pressure of the accumulator at starter inclusion. If it makes nearby 5 Volt (/- 0,5), it means that with the accumulator not everything is all right.

Current strength measurement. For this purpose it is necessary to separate an electric chain and to insert into it the measuring device. For carrying out of some measurements in the car it is quite enough to disconnect a socket and then to connect the device between a socket and a contact uvula.

 Attention: pay attention to the range of measurements of the multimeter established in the device. To such consumers as a starter, very strong currents which at wrong installation can put the device out of action flow.

Resistance measurement: By means of a multimeter it is possible to check up, whether passes a current a wire or the switch. If the current flows free the device shows value 0. If somewhere in a chain there is a defective wire or the switch the result of measurement is equal to infinity. Besides, by means of a multimeter it is possible to establish, what internal resistance has a certain electric element.

Schematic connection of a multimeter: a current (), pressure (V) and resistance (W). Consumers are, for example, lamps, electric motors or a starter.

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