Ford Mondeo since 2000
1. Introduction
2. Equipment
3. Care of the car
4. Engines
5. Greasing system
6. Cooling system
7. System of injection of fuel
8. Ignition system
9. Fuel system
10. Transmission
11. A running gear
12. Brake system
13. The electrotechnical equipment
13.1. The storage battery and a starter
13.2. The generator
13.3. Check of level of electrolit in the accumulator
13.4. Care of contacts
13.5. Check of the storage battery
13.6. Engine start "from outside" – with a wire connecting a starter and the auxiliary storage battery, without problems
13.7. Car pushing
13.8. Car towage
13.9. Gymnastics of the storage battery
13.10. Replacement of the storage battery
13.11. Revealing of secret consumers of the electric power
13.12. Check of a regulator of pressure
13.13. Replacement приводных belts
13.14. Replacement of a belt clamping roller
13.15. Dismantle and generator installation
13.16. Starter replacement
13.17. External illumination
13.18. Any big problems – replacement of lamps накаливания
13.19. A provisional measure – adjustment of headlights «before a wall»
13.20. Signalling devices
13.21. Check of the switch of a signal of braking
13.22. Check of a sound signal
13.23. Tools and actuation devices
13.24. Check of functioning of the switch
13.25. Dismantle and installation of the combined device
13.26. Not always simply to follow – "twisting" roads of wires
13.27. Protection against overloads – safety locks in salon and a motor compartment
13.28. It is carried out quickly – replacement of safety locks
13.29. Distributes strong working currents – the switching relay
13.30. An apportion of safety locks and the relay
14. Electroschemes
15. Car salon
16. A body
17. Technical characteristics
18. The help at malfunctions



13.26. Not always simply to follow – "twisting" roads of wires

The majority of consumers of a current in Mondeo function with double plugs. However to the accumulator or to the generator it is possible to meet often only one wire. Another comes to an end SOMEWHERE «on road» on contact to weight of a body, the engine, on a transmission or, in most cases, on other "uvula" of a socket. On laymans "currents" have mysterious an effect – they often "run" oddly.

Current-carrying weight – metal details

Engineers Ford for onboard electrical engineers Mondeo used for the purposes the following physical principle – the metals, which autoelectricians name weight, spend an electric current. On the basis of this fact Ford saves much – and it is absolutely legitimate – on long wires to consumers of pressure from a minus pole of the storage battery: in Mondeo, as well as in all cars, this work is executed simply by a body. Thus, if the consumer does not function, the reason of it often lies not in a bringing wire, and in bad contact to weight. Contact on weight, however, chooses strange detours finally all the same to come to the purpose. Onboard the electrician thus comes to the full disorder: it, for example, can lead to that indexes of turns and back fires will "tactfully" decay. And further for laymans "currents" oddly will run.

System orderliness – wires and plugs

Thanks to rational designing consistently laid plaits of wires Mondeo would make length about 12 km. Seeming motley disorder actually is well structured – colours of wires show road. Besides the majority of conclusions of multicontact sockets and the relay are numbered. At a choice of colour of a wire in quality of "norms Ford» the standard requirements were considered.

Are worthy interest – often met designations of wires and plugs

The plug 15: the electric current moves only at the included ignition from the ignition lock-switch, thus besides ignition by a current those consumers of the electric power on which the current should move only at car operation eat. On the wires going to plugs 15, the cover of black colour, sometimes even with additional colour strips is in most cases imposed.

The plug 30 constantly receives a current from a positive pole of the storage battery or the generator at the working engine. Casual handling of tools can cause short circuit or a rain of sparks if minus the wire of the storage battery preliminary has not been disconnected. These wires which always are energised, in Mondeo have a red cover and also "are decorated" by additional colour strips.

The plug 49 is responsible for current giving to indexes of turn and in system of the emergency light alarm system.

The plug 53 feeds with a current a screen wiper. Its wires have mainly green cover with additional colour (for example, yellow) strips.

The plug 56: with yellow-black colours provides current giving on passing light headlights on yellow and with white-black colours of a headlight of a headlight.

The plug 58: submits the electric power on lay fires (lobbies), and also on back lanterns and lanterns of illumination of licence plate. Primary colour of a cover of wires grey, according to additional colour strips.

The plug 31: the plug for connection with the case of the car (weight) by means of which the electric power consumer should be connected to weight of the car. In the onboard electric system corresponding wires on weight mainly have a cover of brown colour.

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13.27. Protection against overloads – safety locks in salon and a motor compartment