Ford Mondeo since 2000
1. Introduction
2. Equipment
3. Care of the car
4. Engines
5. Greasing system
6. Cooling system
7. System of injection of fuel
8. Ignition system
9. Fuel system
10. Transmission
11. A running gear
12. Brake system
13. The electrotechnical equipment
14. Electroschemes
15. Car salon
15.1. Ventilation and heating
15.2. From time to time to inspect heating and ventilation systems
15.3. Dismantle of the block of management by heating and ventilation
15.4. The fan
15.5. Search of malfunctions of the fan
15.6. Replacement of the engine of the fan
15.7. Replacement of lamps of salon
15.8. The switch
15.9. Coding ключазажигания
15.10. Check of the door contact switch
15.11. Radio receiver dismantle
15.12. Dismantle dynamics
15.13. Dismantle of the external aerial
15.14. It is not recommended – to dismantle forward seats independently
15.15. Dismantle of a back of back seats
15.16. Dismantle of an upholstery of a door in front
15.17. Dismantle of lateral glasses / стеклоподъемника
15.18. Стеклоподъемник
15.19. Engine adjustment стеклоподъемника
15.20. Dismantle of the door handle
15.21. Dismantle of the lock of a steering
16. A body
17. Technical characteristics
18. The help at malfunctions



15.5. Search of malfunctions of the fan


    If the fan does not work at any position of switching at once check up a corresponding safety lock in the block of safety locks. If the safety lock is perfectly in order, check up the fan switch. For this purpose dismantle, as it is described above, the management block. Check up, whether pressure is enclosed to conclusions of a multicontact socket. If it is absent, check up going from the block of safety locks conducting. At a following stage check up the switch at all positions «on passableness». For this purpose connect a multimeter. It is better to replace the defective switch. As shows experiment, repair does not increase duration of its operation. If the switch is perfectly in order, check up connection to weight at the fan engine. If defect the fan engine is faulty (have burnt down coal brushes, the anchor winding is melted off) here again is not revealed.

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15.6. Replacement of the engine of the fan