Ford Mondeo since 2000
1. Introduction
2. Equipment
3. Care of the car
3.1. Internal clearing – at a dirt is not present any chances
3.2. An external sink
3.3. An engine sink
3.4. That all remains in movement, address in greasing service
3.5. Wish to keep material assets – look after colouring
3.6. Care of varnishing
3.7. Decrease in value of the goods – ugly defects of colouring
3.8. Elimination of defects from blows of stones
3.9. Polishing of small scratches
3.10. Elimination of large scratches
3.11. Installation for a sink of glasses
3.12. Check of a screen wiper and стеклоомывателя
3.13. Water pouring in стеклоомыватель
3.14. Replacement of rubber of a brush of a screen wiper
3.15. Nozzle installation стеклоомывателя
3.16. Installation and nozzle dismantle стеклоомывателя
3.17. Dismantle and installation of the lever of a screen wiper
3.18. Dismantle and installation of the electric motor of a forward screen wiper
3.19. Dismantle and installation of the electric motor of a back screen wiper
4. Engines
5. Greasing system
6. Cooling system
7. System of injection of fuel
8. Ignition system
9. Fuel system
10. Transmission
11. A running gear
12. Brake system
13. The electrotechnical equipment
14. Electroschemes
15. Car salon
16. A body
17. Technical characteristics
18. The help at malfunctions

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3.1. Internal clearing – at a dirt is not present any chances

For thorough internal clearing we recommend to you:

    Rags (nonrigid) for damp and dry cleaning, Brushes for clothes and upholstery cleaning, Vacuum cleaner with carpet and обивочной a nozzle, Brush with the handle and a scoop, Suede for rubbing of glasses.


    Before beginning work, release salon from various stuff. Thus at once release an ashtray and wash out it. Collect floor-mats for feet and pull out them outside. Beat out from them a dirt blows about a wall or clean. Wash out rubber floor-mats and lay to dry out of the car. Damp floor-mats cause in due course on a textile covering occurrence of fetid odours, плесневых fungi and stains from dampness. Strong pollution in salon leave by means of a vacuum cleaner. For a soft textile upholstery use motionlessly connected nozzles, firm plastic surfaces clean with the help щеточных nozzles. For smooth rubber coverings often quite enough a damp rag. The upholstery of seats is cleaned by a brush or a vacuum cleaner. By means of a suitable brush the dust from inaccessible corners and bends "is expelled". Clean dry a brush seat belts, in the presence of old pollution it is possible to use a soft soap solution. Wash out plastic details and an arm of a guard of devices a damp skin. Never use gasoline or other dissolving means which corrode a surface – and as consequence, ugly stains. It is better to apply a cleaner of plastic. Moistened surfaces нейтрализируйте – depending on action time – pure water and dry wipe a soft rag. Always clean the big sites – an internal surface of a roof Never clean only the polluted places, it provokes occurrence of ugly stains with dark divorces.

    Thrift is better: cautiously address with means for care of plastic. Inject from distance about 15 centimetres the given means for a surface and then circular motions in regular intervals distribute its damp rag. "Fog" on glasses, a steering wheel and glasses of devices eliminate a water considerable quantity, a plastic or glass cleaner.

    Only if the roof surface "has darkened", all should be freshened it by means of textiles cleaner. At secondary rubbing the sponge and a towel will be of use to you good service. On strongly "turned yellow" surfaces it is necessary to repeat processing whenever possible. Process an upholstery of seats and textile elements on lateral faces, as well as internal facing by a foamy cleaner for care of an upholstery. Thoroughly clean an upholstery – until it remains damp, at such way the dirt leaves better. Leather seats is better to process only special means – high-quality products provide to a skin elasticity, and to seams flexibility.

    Cosmetics for seats: the upholstery cleaner deletes not only a small dirt, a dust and fresh stains, it influences a material of an upholstery and as cosmetic means. Inject cleaning foam on an upholstery and distribute its in regular intervals damp sponge. Necessarily pay attention on resulted in the Instruction on application a dosage. Besides, it can be not obligatory «foam for an upholstery»: as a rule, it is possible to manage cheaper foam for carpet coverings.

    Door consolidations can be sprayed in the spring and in the winter силиконосодержащим means for care of rubber or to rub it in rubber products. Inside of glasses is cleaned in the beginning by damp window suede, and then the cleaner of glasses is injected. Further glasses are polished clean with a dry newspaper or kitchen paper. The car of the smoker often still irritates even after cleaning by presence шлира and grey adjournment. In this case it is often possible to expect miracles from a varnish polyrole. It is natural that the polyrole should not get on open plastic surfaces as formation of ugly and durable stains is possible.

    To prevent better, than to "treat": by the spring and winter regularly supply sealing rubber with means containing silicone for care of rubber. It not only extends term of its service, but also prevents to "freeze" to rubber at minus temperatures to a body. Similar it is possible to carry and to cylinders of door-locks: in «silicone locks door keys enter better, and the water condensate cannot« have a tooth »against замкового the mechanism any more.

Not everywhere there is a permission to a car sink before an entrance door

In many cities and communities it is impossible to wash the car in streets more. And on it there is a convincing reason: together with the polluted water the rests of oil and other substances harmful to environment get to the water drain. Harmlessly for the nature the car sink at automatic washing stations manages. Volumes of water used here, as a rule, are considerable, therefore such sink ecologically sparing. An oil separator and installations for water preparation save up environment. Well and modern washing installations besides the other offer possibility of the task of the individual program of a sink and leaving.

After washing installation – do not forget about pure cleaning

Besides, after passage of process of a sink some additional cleaning is required to your car. Washing brushes often carelessly concern wheel niches and door thresholds. And кузовным to folds corresponding manual completion by means of a sponge or a rag also is sometimes necessary to doorframes. And in the winter when the moisture mixed by salt for посыпки of roads, can harm the varnished surfaces, internal surfaces of wings and the bottom, you need to visit washing installation is more often. And though the car through short time becomes again slovenly, the rust all the same has less chances to lodge in its cosy corners.


After a sink – driving with dry brakes

After each sink of the car spend simple check of brake system. The moisture which during a sink has got on brake disks or to brake drums thus evaporates. After a long trip in the rain or movement on the winter roads strewed by salt before putting on parking the car for some days, it is necessary to dry brake system. For this purpose it is quite enough on last hundreds movement metres slightly to press on a brake pedal. Thanks to such "exercise" formation of damp pollution on brake disks and brake drums which in cases of the valid danger worsen time of operation of brakes is prevented.

The alternative offer – a place for a sink or an automatic sink

If you like to wash independently the Mondeo on the бензозаправке enquire about possibility to take place for a sink. If dare at an automatic sink here for you there are more than variants: the service centres will offer you, except that, auxiliary means, from a pneumatic cleaner to a vacuum cleaner which will facilitate to you this work. However before the beginning of works check up on a car wash washing brushes. Sometimes your predecessor after a trip on a dirt and cleanings of the bottom and wheel niches of the car has left it on brushes and, as consequence, annoying scratches on polishing. Never wash the car right in the sun. It harms to polishing: small drops of water operate as incendiary glasses – under them on the polished surface like to burn down particles of a dust and to exhaust.


Be cautious at use of pneumatic cleaners

    The maximum water temperature should make 60 °. Too hot water operates on rubber and a bottom sheeting. The pressure regulator should be established a maximum on 30 bar. The distance from the car should be from 60 to 80 centimetres. At smaller distance and a high pressure polishing of yours Mondeo can "rise". After an engine sink such cleaner in it water can sometimes get into motor electronics or the air filter. After that electronics can refuse, well and the air filter can soon lead to capital defects of the engine. Never wash out tyres a round jet atomizer – боковины tyre covers can take offence. Even at rather big distance of injection and small time of influence there can be defects – defects which at first sight even are imperceptible.

    Watch distance: at least, 75 centimetres should be between a polishing surface and a jet atomizer.

The independent sink – only so business will go on a harmony

    Use of a considerable quantity of water not an error for the car sink a small quantity of water destroys polishing. Small parts of a dust or sand remain on a washing sponge and then can leave on a surface microscopic small, thickness about a web, scratches. Garden hose, at possibility, with распрыскивающим a dosing nozzle. In the absence of flowing water it is required, at least, two buckets of water for the basic sink. Shlangovaja brush with which help at flowing down water pollution leave. Washing gloves or sponge. Hold spraying nozzle whenever possible more close to a washing surface, thus dirt parts leave reliably. Ship washing gloves or a sponge after the second or third pass to a pailful with water and then squeeze out. Thus, the dirt will not remain on them. For disks and wheel tyres it is especially convenient to use washing brushes with the long handle. Крупнопористая the viscose sponge will be ideally suited for the big surfaces. The fly agaric will help with struggle against harmful insects. Suede for rubbing of windowpanes – will polish glasses and will dry a polished surface. Water bucket – practically for a sink autoshampoo and cleanings by a sponge, a washing glove or suede.

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