Ford Mondeo since 2000
1. Introduction
2. Equipment
3. Care of the car
3.1. Internal clearing – at a dirt is not present any chances
3.2. An external sink
3.3. An engine sink
3.4. That all remains in movement, address in greasing service
3.5. Wish to keep material assets – look after colouring
3.6. Care of varnishing
3.7. Decrease in value of the goods – ugly defects of colouring
3.8. Elimination of defects from blows of stones
3.9. Polishing of small scratches
3.10. Elimination of large scratches
3.11. Installation for a sink of glasses
3.12. Check of a screen wiper and стеклоомывателя
3.13. Water pouring in стеклоомыватель
3.14. Replacement of rubber of a brush of a screen wiper
3.15. Nozzle installation стеклоомывателя
3.16. Installation and nozzle dismantle стеклоомывателя
3.17. Dismantle and installation of the lever of a screen wiper
3.18. Dismantle and installation of the electric motor of a forward screen wiper
3.19. Dismantle and installation of the electric motor of a back screen wiper
4. Engines
5. Greasing system
6. Cooling system
7. System of injection of fuel
8. Ignition system
9. Fuel system
10. Transmission
11. A running gear
12. Brake system
13. The electrotechnical equipment
14. Electroschemes
15. Car salon
16. A body
17. Technical characteristics
18. The help at malfunctions



3.2. An external sink


Means on leaving for an external sink

Autoshampoo: clears the polished surfaces and deletes the oil rests.

Washing mastic: autoshampoo possesses the same properties, as, but thus after drying protects a paint and varnish covering from influence of environment and increases a time interval before the following polishing.

Cleaner of disks: deletes the stuck dust from brake mechanisms and a road dirt.

Artificial washing means: besides washing substances contains also painting substances. Freshens the faded plastic bumpers. It is put by a pure sponge and it is in regular intervals distributed. Through short time of action it is necessary to wipe a superfluous liquid a damp rag.


    Close all doors and windows. The blotted upholstery does not deliver then pleasure. In the beginning clean wheel niches, rims and door thresholds. Advantage: it is possible then to wash off a residual dirt only. If necessary clean the bottom by means of steam-ejecting installation or a water hose with a spraying nozzle. During winter time the stomach of yours Mondeo should be cleaned after each sink of the car. It is possible time or two times a year to lift on a scaffold the car (in a workshop or on a filling station) visually to check up a condition of protective facing of the bottom. Forward disks become soiled much more strongly. As during each process of braking the dirt actively takes part in истирании brakes it is necessary a thicket to look after forward wheels by means of a cleaner of disks. Necessarily thus pay attention to products dangerous to environment and consider instructions of the manufacturer. After cleaning in each case spend a sink a strong water stream. For decorative disks from easy metals is better to use a high pressure cleaner. Thus cautiously use cleaners of disks which have corroding an effect: disks from easy metals very sensitively react to it.

    With patience or a high pressure: filigree aluminium disks fastest can be cleaned by means of a pneumatic cleaner. For steel disks together with wheel caps the old sponge impregnated with a cold cleaner quite will approach. Artificial wheel facing will begin to sparkle more often already after a sink a shampoo solution.

    If the high pressure cleaner is absent, is the most effective corners and edges can be cleaned a tooth-brush. Long to enjoy the received result, after cleaning walk on a surface transparent распылительным wax. Parts from истирания brakes and a dirt are besieged on a wax layer.

    Attention: do not humidify распылительным with wax brake disks and brake overlays. Well moisten a road dirt!

    Well moisten the car with a soft stream of water. In automatic washing installations with a high pressure cleaner choose the program "Washing". At "a manual" sink all surfaces are washed out always, begin with a roof and move downwards.

    It is less – it is better more often: necessarily pay attention to the operation manual on washing means and constantly hold a washing sponge on the polished surface "through" the wet.

    Especially conveniently for a sink: a sink of the car with a set of washing brushes. You can receive "pure" washing brushes at well equipped washing stations.

    Washing foam and at small effort is distributed by circular motions on a surface. Foam should have some time the an effect. The mud broth is washed off by means of a water hose. On car washes is a mode "Washing". And in last turn wheels by means of a brush and a hose are washed out. After a sink the car should be wiped dry at once a suede or flannel rag. On air the dried up drops of water leave after themselves a grey limy touch which can harmfully operate on polishing. Before use well wash out a skin in pure water. Then wring out, straighten, put on a body, and further move.

    Quickly and diligently "kills" water drops: suede for rubbing of glasses. Well moistened and pure flannel does not leave any traces of scratches on the polished surfaces.

    Before выжимкой always it is necessary to wash out a flannel. Protect a good flannel. The dirt rests quickly destroy it. Therefore badly accessible back streets (for example, wheel niches) clean a sateen rag or an old dry flannel. And in the end on turn external surfaces of glasses. Follow corresponding instructions which concern a sink of internal surfaces of glasses. Thus check up a windshield on presence of scratches, cracks and defects from blows of stones. Clean screen wipers a sponge or a dry flannel. Check up rubber уплотнители on damages and elasticity – if necessary replace the hardened rubber. After a sink check up colouring, glasses of headlights and a forward bumper on presence of "inveterate" pollution: the rests of insects, the bird's dung, the rests of flower pollen and bitumen pitch have aggressive an effect and consequently should be removed special cleaners. Do not use удалитель some pitch on the new or recently painted surfaces – dissolving means containing in it can damage polishing.


Good illumination – only with pure headlights

It is necessary to wash headlights more often, than a car body. Polluting particles on integumentary glass interfere with passage of light beams and reject them not in that direction. And as consequence: uncontrollable dispersion, small visibility range, strong blinding, especially at a fog. Already in driving half an hour on damp road of a headlight of the car more than on 60 % will be polluted. From here both dim light and small light return – accordingly raised level of danger to and other participants of movement.

Deviation and dispersion of light beams by mud particles.

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