Ford Mondeo since 2000
1. Introduction
2. Equipment
3. Care of the car
4. Engines
5. Greasing system
6. Cooling system
7. System of injection of fuel
8. Ignition system
9. Fuel system
10. Transmission
11. A running gear
11.1. Forward bridge Mondeo
11.2. The service factor – geometry of the forward bridge
11.3. Check of shock-absorbers – is obligatory after deterioration of two complete sets of tyres
11.4. Regular check of a free wheeling of a steering wheel
11.5. Check of protective cuffs gear рейки
11.6. Check of tips of cross-section steering draught and cuffs
11.7. Check of the bearing of the cross-section lever of a suspension bracket
11.8. Check of a backlash of the wheel bearing
11.9. Replacement of the forward cross-section lever of a suspension bracket
11.10. Dismantle and installation of an amortisation rack
11.11. Replacement of tips of cross-section steering draught
11.12. Replacement of cuffs of the steering mechanism
11.13. Replacement of a rotary support of the steering mechanism
11.14. Dismantle and installation of a back amortisation rack
11.15. Replacement of the shock-absorber (versatile person)
11.16. The steering mechanism with the amplifier
11.17. Tyres and disks
11.18. It is better to check on cold tyres – pressure of air
11.19. Wheel replacement
11.20. Check of a condition of tyres
12. Brake system
13. The electrotechnical equipment
14. Electroschemes
15. Car salon
16. A body
17. Technical characteristics
18. The help at malfunctions



11.1. Forward bridge Mondeo

Takes up the big lateral forces: forward bridge Mondeo.

1 — the Auxiliary frame,
2 — Brakes with the jack of the moment of forces of inertia,
3 — the Amortization rack of MacPherson,
4 — Hydraulic реечный the steering mechanism,
5 — the Stabilizer of cross-section stability,
6 — the L-shaped cross-section lever of a suspension bracket.

Independent suspension bracket of a wheel: According to MacPherson's system (it is patented in 1949). The compact block consisting of the shock-absorber, a spring and a rotary nave of a wheel (directing).

Amortisation rack: Consists of a screw spring and the telescopic shock-absorber which works in spring coils.

Internal emphasis of an amortisation rack limits reverse motion size from below. At rigid elastic deformations – for example, at hit the hollow – in action is entered by the persistent terminator of a course. It prevents a situation when the spring will be blocked also the shock-absorber will suddenly collapse.

Ledge of an amortisation rack (in a wing): Covers an amortisation rack. From above it is executed in the form of a rubber support (a protective support) which, entered through центрировочное the ring, leans from above and from below on тарельчатые disks. In a rubber support the rod of the piston of an amortisation rack is screwed in.

Rotary support: Keeps the bottom end of an amortisation rack by means of the tightening screw. By means of the spherical hinge it is connected to the cross-section lever. The pin of the spherical hinge is strongly clamped in the cross-section lever. The cross-section lever enters into bearing beam of the bridge, can move in it and takes up arising lateral efforts.

The stabilizer of cross-section stability: It is located on the forward bridge of the car and it can be braided. Reduces a lateral inclination of a body at movement on turns.

The reechnyj steering mechanism: fastens behind the engine. The dvuhzvennyj shaft of a steering directly operates on on gear рейку on which ends the left and right cross-section steering draughts are accordingly screwed. Steering wheel turns are transferred to the lever of a rotary fist and by that on wheels.

Quickly and comfortably: the new forward bridge optimised on a friction with MacPherson's amortisation rack has been thoroughly modernised – there is no element identical with first generation Mondeo.

1 — the Stabilizer,
2 — Fastening of the stabilizer,
3 — Connecting draught of the stabilizer with an internal six-edging,
4 — the Amortization rack,

5 — the Rotary fist,
6 — the Steering mechanism,
7 — the Cross-section lever of a suspension bracket,
8 — the Additional frame.

Back bridge Mondeo

Suspension bracket of back bridge Quadralink: a separate additional frame from a steel of deep punching. Bridge components, such as the top cross-section lever of a suspension bracket, the bottom cross-section lever of a suspension bracket, the shock-absorber, springs, steering draughts, the stabilizer of cross-section stability and the brake mechanism are as an unit connected to a bridge beam.

Подпружинивание: telescopic shock-absorbers and springs lean against a body in the top zones of wheel niches.

Independent suspension bracket Quadralink: back bridge Mondeo

1 — the Auxiliary frame,
2 — the Brake mechanism,

3 — the Shock-absorber with a screw spring,
4 — the Stabilizer of cross-section stability.

With correction of a convergence of wheels: named Quadralink an independent suspension bracket of the back bridge of 4-/4-door model

1 — the Auxiliary frame,
2 — the Connecting bar of the stabilizer,
3 — the Spring,

4 — the Wheel bearing with a nave,
5 — the Rotary fist,
6 — the Lateral lever.

Regulated on height: the back bridge of the versatile person

1 — the Shock-absorber with regulation on height,
2 — the Wheel bearing with a nave,
3 — the Pocket of the lateral lever,

4 — Ekstsentrikovyj the screw,
5 — the Connecting bar of the stabilizer,
6 — the Stabilizer.


To the fan about work with a running gear and the steering mechanism

Work on a running gear or in the steering mechanism assumes presence of corresponding experience and is frequent even special tools, and also optical and electronic measuring devices. Therefore transfer these works better to workers of a workshop: results in the inadequate image of the spent repair work will be dangerous both to you, and for other participants of traffic. Replace defective details of a wheel suspension bracket in general both new, and anything is not available suitable second-hand details – in wheel suspension brackets, what «followed straighten or weld»! Necessarily after carrying out of repair of a running gear or the steering mechanism spend in a specialised workshop necessary gaugings and adjustments.

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11.2. The service factor – geometry of the forward bridge