Ford Mondeo since 2000
1. Introduction
2. Equipment
3. Care of the car
4. Engines
5. Greasing system
6. Cooling system
7. System of injection of fuel
8. Ignition system
9. Fuel system
10. Transmission
11. A running gear
11.1. Forward bridge Mondeo
11.2. The service factor – geometry of the forward bridge
11.3. Check of shock-absorbers – is obligatory after deterioration of two complete sets of tyres
11.4. Regular check of a free wheeling of a steering wheel
11.5. Check of protective cuffs gear рейки
11.6. Check of tips of cross-section steering draught and cuffs
11.7. Check of the bearing of the cross-section lever of a suspension bracket
11.8. Check of a backlash of the wheel bearing
11.9. Replacement of the forward cross-section lever of a suspension bracket
11.10. Dismantle and installation of an amortisation rack
11.11. Replacement of tips of cross-section steering draught
11.12. Replacement of cuffs of the steering mechanism
11.13. Replacement of a rotary support of the steering mechanism
11.14. Dismantle and installation of a back amortisation rack
11.15. Replacement of the shock-absorber (versatile person)
11.16. The steering mechanism with the amplifier
11.17. Tyres and disks
11.18. It is better to check on cold tyres – pressure of air
11.19. Wheel replacement
11.20. Check of a condition of tyres
12. Brake system
13. The electrotechnical equipment
14. Electroschemes
15. Car salon
16. A body
17. Technical characteristics
18. The help at malfunctions



11.19. Wheel replacement


    Tighten a lay brake and include 1st transfer or a backing (an automatic transmission – position «З»). At wheel replacement in ways include in addition emergency light alarm system and establish behind a sign on an emergency stop. Protect a lining wedge or a suitable stone the car from rotation of wheels. Establish them from that party of the car on which works are not performed. Remove a wheel cap. If it is impossible to grasp a cap, for it отжатия insert a screw-driver (the onboard tool) between a rim and a cap. Ослабьте all wheel screws on one turn. Lift the car on a jack. The jack needs to be established, naturally, only in provided for this place of lateral thresholds.

    To lift only in the shown points an onboard jack.
    1 — a forward point of lifting, about 26 sm from the forward end of a door threshold,
    2 — a back point of lifting, about 10 sm from the back end of a door threshold. In cars with decorative lateral furnish in the beginning to remove facing. For this purpose raise from a bottom edge and pull out outside.

    Unscrew wheel bolts and... ... Remove a wheel from a nave, dress a new (spare) wheel on a nave and press it to a nave. Level a wheel on a nave. Rim apertures should be co-ordinated with carving apertures in a wheel nave. Insert then wheel screws and strongly twirl them. Lower the car and strongly twirl in regular intervals wheel bolts a wheel key as it should be "cross-wise" (the inhaling moment whenever possible should not exceed 85 Н·м). Establish wheel facing, level correctly ventilating apertures and strike a handball on a rim. Cautiously проехайте first ten kilometres and then check up once again durability of landing of all screws. If the spare wheel move not faster 80 km/h has been established. Moreover, character of your movement Mondeo can worsen considerably – at worst the pneumatic tyre can even burst.

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11.20. Check of a condition of tyres