Ford Mondeo since 2000
1. Introduction
2. Equipment
3. Care of the car
4. Engines
5. Greasing system
6. Cooling system
7. System of injection of fuel
8. Ignition system
9. Fuel system
10. Transmission
11. A running gear
12. Brake system
13. The electrotechnical equipment
14. Electroschemes
15. Car salon
16. A body
17. Technical characteristics
18. The help at malfunctions

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Ford Mondeo (since 2000 of release)

In 2000 the company Ford represents essentially new model Ford Mondeo. Revolutionary event. This car developed by European branch "Ford", has been created on the basis of essentially new design technologies. The success of this work opens a way to the whole galaxy of new future models which will be created by new techniques. Within the next five years "Ford" assumes to treble rates of occurrence of new models in the market. An essence of technical revolution "Ford" - in the powerful software product which has received name СЗР which represents a complex of systems of the computer design, the automated designing and an extensive information database. Thanking СЗР in working out Mondeo it was possible to manage in general without prototyping: up to the moment of manufacture the car existed only in virtual space. Possibilities of digital technologies СЗР amazing imagination on example Mondeo have proved that now "Ford" can not only accelerate several times process of creation of new model, but also achieve even more perfect result. Created on new technologies Mondeo has not demanded any completions, having shown magnificent running and operational characteristics. For the first time model Ford Mondeo has appeared in 1993 and at once has established new standards of safety in the class. In 1994 this car has been recognised by the Car of year in Europe. For the past years it has been made more than 2,5 million Mondeo New Mondeo Belgium is made at the European assembly enterprise in Genk. Having inherited from the predecessor all the best, he offers new level of comfort, safety and road performance.


New Mondeo offers the best in the class of the decision on safety of the driver and passengers, and also perfect system of protection against stealing. New system of safety Intelligent Protection System are adaptive pillows of safety for the driver and passengers plus modern system of definition of force of face-to-face collision and position of the driver and the forward passenger at the moment of collision. Besides, into system enter lateral inflatable шторки safety on forward both back seats and lateral pillows of safety for the driver and the forward passenger. But it not all. Safety promote especially rigid skeleton of a body and the steel beams reducing deformations of doors in salon at the moment of blow. Besides, the car is equipped by perfect three-dot seat belts for the driver and all passengers, active headrests and pedals developing at failure. To avoid unforeseen situations on road the complex of active safety - standardly established АБС with electronic system of distribution of brake effort (EBD) plus possibility of installation of auxiliary system of emergency braking (EBA) and the program of electronic stabilisation of course stability (ESP) helps. Safety Mondeo is provided with systems of the external alarm system, advanced immobilizer Ford PATS and a locked cover of a cowl.

Engines and transmission

On new Mondeo debut new четырёхцилиндровые family Ford Duratec HE engines in two updatings at two working volumes: 1,8 l (125 h.p.) and 2.0 l (145 h.p.) . All of them meet the strict requirements of standard Euro IV which will come into force in 2005. Besides, on new Mondeo will be established 2,5-litre "six" - 24-klapannye Ford Duratec V6. Besides the lowered emissions which make now only third of levels which were provided in 1993 year, new engines "Ford" differ high reliability, small level of vibrations and profitability. The expense of fuel depending on engine volume makes 11,4/5,7/7,8 l/100 of km for 1.8 litre engines, 11,6/5,9/8,0 l for 2 litre and 14,2/7,2/9,8 l for 2,5-litre. Figures are resulted for conditional cycles - city/country/mixed. Besides, "Ford" offers for Mondeo a new 2-litre turbodiesel of world class Duratorq DI capacity of 115 h.p., answering to standard Euro III and 8,2/4,6/5,9 spending only fuel l on 100 km. Advanced mechanical transmission Ford MTX-75 became more reliable and provides a lung, accurate and in a sports way короткоходное a gear change.

Design and configuration

The design new Mondeo is the first independent project of the new main designer of European branch "Ford" of Chris Byorda and its command. Internal configuration of salon in which it is rather spacious not only in front, but also behind, is most advanced in this class of cars. Level of landing of the driver and passengers is raised on 15 mm, and the expanded doorways have made landing and disembarkation more convenient. Modern design techniques have allowed to optimise new Mondeo under the big range комплекций the person. The internal volume of a luggage carrier - one of the greatest in this class of cars - makes 500 litres. Experts in ergonomics have not disregarded any switch, faultlessly having placed controls on the instrument panel which is made soft to the touch. All Mondeo are well equipped. Into a standard complete set enter the conditioner, safety электростеклоподъемники and many other things.

Running characteristics

Thanks to a perfect independent suspension bracket and standardly established 16-inch disks, new Mondeo perfectly well holds road, supposing lateral accelerations to 0,88 g that is the best indicator in this class of cars. For comfort increase the track - on 19 mm in front and on 50 mm behind has been expanded, the wheel base is increased by 150 mm, the working course of wheels is increased by 181 mm in front and on 225 mm behind. In front and behind on new Mondeo disk brakes (lobbies - ventilated 300х24 mm, back - cast 280х12 mm) from grey pig-iron with high износоустойчивость are established. For the best control the steering system is adjusted neutrally and possesses small insufficient поворачиваемостью that reduces probability of failure of the car in drift. The command акустиков has spent the big works on decrease in levels of vibrations and noise in salon that has provided exclusive comfort during a trip. In a design of engines are used малошумящие chain drives and two-componental flywheels. In a combination to system of three-dot fastening of the power unit on axes of the appendix of a twisting moment, these decisions provide extraordinary smooth and silent course. In result more than 1500-sentries of tests in a wind tunnel the factor of front resistance Сda 0,30/0,31 accordingly for 3 and 5-door body variants has been reached. New Mondeo are equipped by the most perfect audiosystems and suppose installation of satellite navigating systems. Installation of multimedia systems with two independent screens on an underside of forward headrests is provided. Brightness of screens is regulated.


The body new Mondeo on stability to deformations on torsion on 60 % is stronger than the predecessor. The forward part of a body of the new car on 43 % is made of high-strength steels that raises durability and safety. Thanking 24-etapnoj to metal processing at painting and the body assemblage, new Mondeo for 12 years it is guaranteed against through corrosion.

New engines possess the raised resource and reliability. About 20.000 km intervals of interservice run are increased, normo-hours on 22 kinds of the most frequent repair operations are essentially lowered. So, replacement галогеновых lamps in headlights occupies few seconds.

New Mondeo it is created rapidly - all for 24 months. Result "Ford" has justified expectations. The perfect, modern, assured outwardly and stylish car assured outwardly to which can become a leader of European branch "Ford" in the program of dynamical development of new kinds of production has turned out.

 To pass to the operation manual, maintenance service and repair Ford Mondeo (2000)

[Ford Mondeo (since 2000 of release)]